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Valley News 2011 -


#204 - December 2018

Melksham Christmas Lights Run

Trowbridge Christmas pub runs

Christmas Social & VLM ballot winners

Stan Farr Boxing Day run

AVR parkrun Championship

New Club 10k Record

Off-road championship

Submitting your results

Dates for your diary

Buddy Runs

Anna @ The Treatment Rooms

Volunteer Co-ordinator’s Report

PB Corner



#203 - November 2018

AVR Over the Hills and Wiltshire Half Marathon reports

Star Vest Presentation

Melksham Lights Run

Wednesday Socials

Road League round up

2019 Wiltshire Road League fixtures

Off-road championship

Submitting your results

Buddy Runs

Volunteer Co-ordinator’s Report

PB Corner



#202 - October 2018

AVR Team Spirit

Road and Off-road Championships

Submitting your Results

Dates for your Dairy

Lights Please!

Track Condition

Volunteer Profile: Warren Wade

Volunteer Co-ordinator's Report

AVR Social Committee

TRFC Christmas Party

PB Corner



#201 - September 2018

Junior Volunteer Award

Club Insurance

AVR Star Vest Presentation

New CLub Record - HM 70:28

Track Condition

New First Aid Kit

Gwent League

Caption Competition Winner

TRFC Christmas Party

Road and Off-road LEagues

Member Profile: Sarah Barker


World Masters

PB Corner




#200 - August 2018

Caption Competition

Newsletter #1

Road and Off Road Leagues

Member Profile: Michael Guy

BernCol Rleay

The Hilly Helmet

Welfare Officers

Gazebo Donation

Active in Our Park Day

Race the Train

Volunteer Co-ordinators Report

PB Corner



#199 - July 2018

Dates for your Diary

Speed Sessions

Running in Hot Weather

Road and off Road Leagues

Member profile: Dan Piper

Volunteer Co-ordinator’s Report

PB Corner



#198 - May 2018

New Welfare Officer

European Masters

Club Championship

Submitting your results

Member profile: Sarah Nunn

Cycling and Running

Volunteer Co-ordinator’s Report

Member Profile – Holly Rush

PB Corner




#197 - April 2018

Volunteer Co-ordinator’s Update

Exe to Axe

Bournemouth Half Marathon

AVR Championship

The Call of the Desert

New Club Records

The London Marathon

Member Profile – Holly Rush

The Joys and Fun of Being a Runner

PB Corner




#196 - March 2018

Gerry Fice – The final lap

Wiltshire Athletic Awards

Renewing membership

AVR road and off road leagues

AVR Mini Bus

Member Profile – Ray Pemberton

Volunteer Coordinator update

Tapering for a Marathon

PB Corner




#195 - February 2018

Runner safety at TRFC

AVR Presentation Evening – the results

Bath Half – Sara Robert

Road and Off-road leagues

Member Profile – David Bagshaw

Volunteer coordinators

Warming up for competition

PB Corner

JAVR news

AVT news


#194 - January 2018

Dates for your diary

Newsletter correction

New club record

New committee members

Presentation Night nominations

AVR championship

The Adventures of Shoeperman

Member Profile: Martin Pearce

Injury Prevention

PB Hall of Fame

JAVR news

AVT news


#193 - December 2017

Dates for your diary

Cross Country Trophies

London Marathon Club Ballot

AVR Championship - Off Road Results

Bovington Half Marathon

Stan Farr Boxing Day 5k

Westonbirt House Christmas 10k

Member Profile: Mick Farrar

Tapering for non-marathon events

PB Hall of Fame

JAVR news


#192 - November 2017

Dates for your diary

Running Track official opening

AVR Championship – road race season review

AVR Championship - Off Road standings Member Profile: Pippa Brewer

Over the Hills

AVR Wiltshire HM

Rest and Recovery

PB Hall of Fame




#191 - October 2017

EA Regional Awards

Running Track opening ceremony

AVR Socks

Road Running

Off Road Running

AVR Championship standings

PB Hall of Fame




#190 - September 2017


Half Marathon De Sables

Bristol Half Marathon

Road Race Report Off

Road Report

Club Championship

Junior AVR

PB Hall of Fame

AVT Marshals needed!!!


#187 - June 2017

Wiltshire Athletics Awards

Endure 24

Max Davies

5x5x5 Review

Road Race Report

Club Championship

PB Hall of Fame

AVR Events


#186 - May 2017

Wiltshire Track & Field Champs

The “Woman Can” Marathon

Devil’s Challenge

Jurassic 100km Challenge

Road Race Report

Off Road Report

Club Championship

PB Hall of Fame

Tim Northwoods Training Tips

AVR Events


#185 - April 2017

Tim Northwood - Obituary

London Marathon

Corsham 10km

Glastonbury 10km

Exeter EA Road Race Relays

Road Running

Off-Road Running


Club Championship

PB Hall of Fame

Wiltshire Air Ambulance


#184 - March 2017

AVR Tour - Cyprus

Bath Half

Imber Ultra

Road Running

Off-Road Running

Gwent League

Club Championship

PB Hall of Fame


#183 - February 2017

National XC

Road Running

Off-Road Running

Gwent League

Club Championship

PB Hall of Fame

AVT Championship

Race Entry Forms


#182 - February (b) 2017

AVR Presentation Night

Road Race

Off-Road Running

Club Championship

JAVR Awards

PB Hall of Fame

AVT Awards

Race Entry Forms


#181 - January 2017

Run England Award
AVR Committee 2017
Wiltshire Road Race Review
Off-Road Running
Club Championship
PB Hall of Fame
AVR Presentation Night


#180 - December 2016

Beginners 2016

Over The Hills & AVR Half
AVR Record Holders
Club Championship

History of The Valley News


#179 - November 2016

Great South Run

Wiltshire Road Race Review

Club Championship

Social Events


#178 - October 2016


Cardiff 10km

Bristol Half Marathon



#177 - September 2016

AVR Tour - Cyprus

Road Running

Off-Road Running

Wiltshire Inter-Counties Success

Club Championship



#176 - June 2016

Wiltshire Athletics Awards

Endure 24

Road Running

Off-Road Running

PB Hall of Fame



#175 - May 2016

Club Records Tumble!

Trowbridge “Zombie Apocalypse” 5km

Jack & Jill 10km

The Ox

Westonbirt 10km

PB Hall of Fame



#174 - April 2016

Record Breakers

London Marathon

Corsham 10k

AVR Spring mile

Off-road news


#173 - March 2016

Bath Half Marathon

World Half Marathon – Cardiff

Club Championship 2016


Avon Valley Triathlon

Social Events

PB Hall of Fame


#172 - February 2016

National XC – Donington

South West XC - London

Record Breaker – Ruth Barnes

JAVR Awards

Club Championship 2016

PB Wall of Fame




#171 - January 2016

Tri-Counties XC

Bromham Pudding Run

AVR Awards

Club Championship 2016

AVR Time Line


#170 - Winter 2015

Wiltshire Road Race League Success

AVR Wiltshire Half Marathon

Junior AVR

AVR Off-Road league

Gwent league


#169 - Autumn 2015

Ich bin eine Zitrone

Bristol Half Marathon

Road Race Update

Off-Road Update

Yeovil 5km


#168 - Summer 2015

"European Masters Success"

"Memories of a Sporting Grandfather"

"The Avon Valley Relay"

"The White Horse Half"

"The Joys of Geo-Jogging"
"JAVR News"


#167 - Spring 2015


"Goodbye to the Coneys"
"JAVR News"
"My First Year with AVR"
"Yoga for Runners"
"From Yellow to Green"
"Wilts Off Road League 2014"
"The County AA Championships"
"AVR Awards 2014"
"More JAVR News"


#166 - December 2014

"Mikes Mile"

"JAVR News No.18"

"Children in Need 2014"

"End of an era"

"Off-road News"


#165 - November 2014

"Horsey horsey dont you stop"

"JAVR News No.17"

"Training Tip - Steve Williams"

"XC Championships 2014"

"The Wiltshire Road Race League"

"AVT News"


#164 - October 2014

"Half Time"

"Member profile - Darren Wrintmore"

"Training Tip - Steve Williams"

"JAVR News No.16"

"The Cardiff Half"


#163 - September 2014

"Record Breaking Summer"

"Member profile - Ruth Barnes"

"Training Tip - Steve Williams"

"JAVR News No.15"

"Birthday Party"


#162 - August 2014

"Iron Man Zurich - Gary Daniell"

"Member profile - Joby Hobbs"

"Tom Roberts Watchless Three and a bit"

"Training Tip - Steve Williams"

"JAVR News No.14"

"150th Park Run"


#161 - July 2014

"Mob Match"

"From Lizard to Land's End"

"Training Tip"

"JAVR News No.13"

"K or k?"

"Avon Valley Relay"

"Fiona does it again"


#160 - June 2014

"Member profile - Rosemary Barber"

"A right barrow of laughs"

"Training Tip"

"JAVR News No.12"

"Closed Races"

"Trowbridge Sci-Fi 5K"

"Anschluss Revisited"


#159 - May 2014

"Member profile - Richard Hudson"

"Memories of Budapest"

"Training Tip"

"JAVR News No.11"

"The Shaw Stampede"

"The London Marathon"


#158 - April 2014

"The World Masters in Budapest"

"Member’s profile - Liz Gard"

"All Hail AVR (The Wiltshire Off Road League)"

"An inspirational story of a new member - Ellie Marie Hunt"

"April’s Coaching Tip - Tapering for a Marathon"

"JAVR News No.10"

"County AA Championships"

"The Road Race League"


#157 - March 2014

"Obituary - Tony Bartlett"

"Member’s profile - Bernie Hobbs"

"Success at the Bath Half"

"Caption Competition"

"The Wiltshire 10"

"Presentation Evening - a few photos"

"JAVR News No.9"

"The first Valley News"

"Book Review"


#156 - February 2014

"Goodbye to an old friend - Tony Bartlett"

"Member’s profile - Diane Hier"

"JAVR News No.8"

"Presentation Evening"

"Fundraising with a personal touch"

"Letters to The Agony Aunt"

"Books for borrowing"

"Did you know?"


#155 - January 2014

"A note from the Editor"

"A touch of OCD"

"A note from our Head Coach"

"Curriculum Vitae - Richard Ayling"

"Member Profile - Tim Lowrie"

"Wiltshire XC Championships 2013"

"Wiltshire Road Race League Preview"

"JAVR News No.7"

"The Melksham 10"

"Book Review - Fat Man to Green Man"


#154 - December 2013

"Wiltshire Road Race League Review"

"Wiltshire Cross Country Championship"

"Hisdoric Move"

"New Newsletter Editor Sworn In"

"The Indian Takeaway"

"JAVR News No.6"


#153 - November 2013

"Grand Pier Half Marathon"

"Tough Mudder South West"

"Wiltshire Off-Road League"

"AVR Parkrunners Top 2000 Runs at Southwick"

"Stewards Enquiry?"

"Wiltshire Road Relays"

"Two Champs"

"Another Swift 10"

"JAVR News No.5"


#152 - October 2013

"An Insight into Triathlon"

"Lacock Relays"

"Our Man in Heraklion"

"Thanks Received for AVR Pace Setter"

"Fiona Wins British Silver Medal"

"JAVR News No.4"


#151 - September 2013

"Avon Valley Runners & Riders Face Castle Combe"

"Elephants on Acid"

"Expend Joules not Jewels"

"JAVR News No.3"


#150 - August 2013

"Mob Match 2013"

"The Avon Valley Relay"

"Twenty Five And Not Out!"

"Southwick Country Parkrun Reaches 100"


"JAVR News No.2"


#149 - July 2013

"18 Things You Probably Didn't Know..."

"AVR In The Community"

"Southgate Soars To New Heights"

"Exmoor Coastal Marathon"

"Unshackle From The Sheckles"

"Honorary Life Members"

"Southwick Parkrun Director Speaks"

"JAVR News No.1"


#148 - June 2013

"Neolithic Half Marathon"

"The Shaw Stampede"

"Parkrun Handicap"

"Avon Valley Relay"

"Ken, Get Thee Sen Down To Weston"

"Wiltshire Track & Field Championships"

"History of Running"


#147 - May 2013


"AVR Top of the Tree after Three and Furthermore after Four"

"The Shaw Stampede"

"Kit Man Rich"

"Be Free as a Bird and Run for Nowt"

"Thomas' Top Tech Tips"

"County AA Championships"


#146 - April 2013

"The Long Way Round - A 40 mile run in Sierra Leone"

"Tim Triumphs at Bathalf"

"Vertical Rush"

"Kieran XC Relays"


#145 - March 2013

"A Longleat Race Report and Rant"

"Only 24 Minutes from Tulse Hill"

"Give us this day our daily Banana Loaf"

"Presentation Evening and a Tale of Running Inspiration"

"Born Free so Run Free"


#144 - February 2013

"Northern Parkrun"

"Wiltshire Road Race League Preview 2013"

"Dedicated or Desparate?"

"AVR Represent County at X-Country"

"What's in a Name?"

"Club FV50 Half Marathon Record Broken"


#143 - January 2013

"New Year, New You?"

"Stan Farr Boxing Day 5K"

"Tales From a Land Down Under"


#142 - December 2012

"Yuletide Greetings"

"Do The Shuffle - The Results"

"Wiltshire Road Relays 2012"

"Wiltshire Race League Review 2012"

"Member Profile - Stephen Wenceslas"


#141 - November 2012

"Wiltshire Road Race League 2013"

"Uphill to Wells Relay 2012"

"Avon Valley Runners at Bristol Half Marathon 2012"

"Do The Shuffle"

"Road Blog with Warren Wade"

"Cross Country File by Anthony Hickson"


#140 - October 2012

"North Somerset Relays"

"Team AVR Clean Up at Melksham 10"

"Readers Tips for Success"

"The 'C' Word"

"Over the Hills 12K"

"Warrens Tarmac Tearaways"

"Hicksons Dirty Tracks"

"Club Championship"


#139 - September 2012

"AVR at The Olympics"

"Club Vet 60 Records Broken"

"Swiss Connection for Club Super Vet"

"Cotswold Relay Catch Up"

"Warrens Tarmac Tearaways"

"Hicksons Dirty Tracks"

"Situation Vacant..."


#138 - August 2012

"Melksham Street 'O'"

"Avon Valley Relay"

"AVR Track Championships"

"Warrens Tarmac Tearaways"

"Hicksons Dirty Tracks"


#137 - July 2012

"Club 5K Record Smashed"

"Avon Valley Mob Match"

"Far Flung Parkrun"

"Rozza's Road Runners"

"Hicksons Dirty Tracks"

"Members Profile - Ryan & Mel Jones"

"What's Become of My Uncle Bill - A Shorty Story By Ken Marshall"


#136 - June 2012

"Dave of The Desert - Marathon Des Sables 2012"

"Tales from The Ridgeway - The Neolithic Marathon"

"Reeto, Street 'O'"

"Wilts Track and Field Championships 2012"

"New Club Kit at Bristol 10K"

"Shaw Stampede"

"Wozza's Road Warriors"

"Anthony's Off Road Athletic Antics"

"Member Profile - Sean Price"

"Half Marathon Training Day"


#135 - May 2012

"Catch The Rabbit"

"Shaw Stampede"

"Runners Required - Cotswold Way & Uphill to Wells Relays"

"The AVR Geocache Found"

"Marathon Des Sable"

"DB Max Tri - Who Are You Then?"

"Wozza's Road Warriors"

"Anthony's Off Road Athletic Antics"

"Junior Avon Valley Runners"

"Member Profile - Fiona Price"

"AVR Trip to the Dogs - Final Logistics Arrangements"


#134 - April 2012

"Trouble at Mill"

"Track Training Session at Bath"

"One Show One Thousand Mile Relay"

"Club Records"

"Bunnies on the Boulevard"

"Call for pacers and prizes"

"Anthony's off road athletic antics"

"Who in the Valley?"

"Where in the Valley?"

"AVR Trip to the Dogs"


#133 - March 2012

"Longleat 10K"

"Street 5K"

"Wiltshire 10"

"Hares on the Highway"

"Hicks in the Sticks"

"Forthcoming Events"

"Where in the Valley?"

"Who in the Valley?"



#132 - February 2012

"Meet the Committee"

"Highworth Half Marathon"

"Rabbit on the Road"

"Hicks in the Sticks"

"Pacing at Parkrun"

"Olympic Events"

"AVR Communications"

"Member Profile - Tammy Phillips"

"Subscriptions Due"


#131 - January 2012

"Wrinty's Greatest Hits"

"Brokerswood Santa Dash 5K"

"Xmas at Southwick Parkrun"

"Stan Farr Boxing Day 5K"

"Presentation Night"

"AVR Member to Carry Olympic Torch"


#130 - December 2011

"Yuletide Greetings"

"Wiltshire Road Relays"

"Over The Hills"

"Virgin London Marathon - Sponsorship Appeal"

"Christmas Socials in the Valley"

"Member Profile - Sinter Klaus"


#129 - November 2011

"The Wiltshire Race League"

"Southwick Country Parkrun - Stats"

"Remember Remember the 5th November"

"Virgin London Marathon Club Places - Draw Results"

"Member Profile - Thomas Coney"

"Poets Corner with Tony Bartlett"


#128 - October 2011

"Mont Blanc Ultra"

"Avon Valley Mile"

"Southwick Country Parkrun"

"The Melksham Hash"

"Virgin London Marathon Club Places"

"Member Profile - Hayley Southgate"

"Uphill to Wells Relay"


#127 - September 2011

"Merthyr Mawr"

"The Melksham Mash"

"aMAZEing Orienteering"

"Bern-Col Relay"

"Calling All Melksham Runners"

"Member Profile - Rich Newman"

"AVR Website Celebrates 10 Years"

"Foxtrot 5"

"Southwick Country Parkrun"


#126 - August 2011

"On Top of The World"

"Cotswold Relay"

"Member Profile - Liz Gard"

"Found - Newsletter Editor"

"Wiltshire 10K Championshpis"

"The Avon Valley Relay in Pictures"


#125 - July 2011

"The Greatest ever Avon Valley Runners"

"The Melksham 5K"


#124 - June 2011

"N'oubliez pas le marathon de Paris"

"Member profile - Richard Morgetroyd"

"L-Plates by Tony Bartlett"

"Member profile - Sarah Jewers"

"The Shaw Stampede 10K"


#123 - May 2011

"The Ridge Runners"

"Member profile - Michael Towler"

"The Shaw Stampede 10K"

"Member profile - Tina Towler"

"Cumberwell Park"


#122 - April 2011

"The Jubilee Vests are in!"

"Summer Events"

"Multi Sport"


"Wanted – Newsletter Editor"


#121 - March 2011

"Project Jubilee"

"The Devizes 10K - 1985"

"All Those Years Ago..."


"AVR - Wiltshire Road Race Champions 2011"

"5K Time Trial"


#120 - February 2011

"Flying the County Flag"

"A Message from the Chair"

"Our Fred"

"Secretaries Report"

"Club Records"

"The Goofy"


#119 - January 2011

"A Brief History of AVR"

"This year I want..."

"Tom & Towler Strike Again!"

"Race Series 2011"

"Wiltshire XC Champions!!!"

"Championship Roll of Honour - 2010"