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Thinking of joining AVR? 

Then please come to any of our run sessions and try us out. You must join after three sessions,but, of course you may join earlier if you wish.

Please note Avon Valley Runners are organised by volunteers and need to input all members through the online database.  If you need assistance please ask one of our Committee members to help and they can guide you through the online membership process.


Current Membership rates - AVR Membership (year runs from 1st April to 31st March)

AVR Adult Membership

EA Competitive - £34 (includes £14 EA membership)

Non-EA Competitive or Second Claim - £20 (No EA membership)

Junior Membership

EA Competitive - £24 (includes £14 EA membership)

Non-EA Competitive or Second Claim - £10 (No EA membership)

 (Under 16's only.  May attend the junior session only.)

Student Membership 

EA Competitive - £24 (includes £14 EA membership)

Non-EA Competitive or Second Claim - £10 (No EA membership)

(Must be a full time student)



EA Membership if required

EA membership will be required if you intend to enter any track or cross country event licenced by EA/UKA.  Membership will also give you a reduced entry fee to UKA/EA road races and eligibility to be included for any team prizes at these events.

EA Membership for 2016/2017 - £13 ( for the year 1st April 2016 - 31st March 2017) 

Please be aware EA processing may take up to 2-3 weeks from application.  Make sure you apply in good time to ensure your membership is fully active when required.

Any problems please email:

For life members wishing to renew their EA membership you can apply with the following link.

Benefits of AVR membership 

As a full member of Avon Valley Runners you are a member of one of the largest most successful clubs in Wiltshire.  As such you will receive the following:

  1. Additional membership to Avon Valley Triathletes, our multi sports group.

  2. Lots of support and encouragement for your running, cycling and any other sporting venture you decide to try

  3. Advice available should you wish to ask the question via our Facebook page

  4. Access to all levels of training to suit your needs

  5. Access to recreational events

  6. Be part of the 'Lemon Army' that descends on many Wiltshire races throughout the county

  7. Lots of opportunities to help organise races and events

  8. Free entry to a selection of events such as the AVR Relays, Wiltshire Road Relays etc.

  9. Free closed 'club only' races such as AVR mile and the ever popular Bern Col Relay complete with Free Fish & Chips!

  10. Reduced entry fees as an affiliated runner on all ARC races (and EA races if you opt for EA membership as well). Please note you are a ARC affiliated runner once you are a member of AVR.

  11. Social functions to enable you to share stories of your ventures and success' with other members

  12. Annual awards to recognise these success'

  13. Free regular training sessions available, coached, led groups and social runs 4 times a week.

  14. Opportunities to run at regional and national events (e.g. National Cross Country) which you can only do as a member of a club, EA membership required for these events.


On top of all these great benefits we can also save you a bit of money as well: 

    • 30% discount online at More Mile with the club code*

    • 10% discount at Start Fitness with the club code*

    • 10% discount online at My Protein with the club code*

    • 15% discount at BCH Camping & Leisure

    • 10% discount at Paul Nash Cycles

    • 10% Discount at Places for People fitness memberships

    • Discount at Anytime Gyms, Trowbridge memberships

    • Regular members offers on sports therapy

    • Discount at Sportsbug

    • Discount at Running Bath

    • Discount at Deka

    • Discount at Sole Obsession, Salisbury

      (*For club codes please see latest Admin E-newsletter or contact secretary) 

* England Athletics (EA) Membership Benefits/information.

      1. Additional cost per year - see above for current rates.
      2. Increases club allocation for ballot places in the London Marathon.
      3. Allows you to enter our London Marathon club ballot.
      4. Allows you to enter regional and national cross country races where EA Membership is compulsory.
      5. EA is operated by UKA which is the nationally recognised governing body for athletics.
      6. Save £2 per UKA permitted race (Please note you are already entitled to £2 discount for ARC races)
      7. Please note if you decide not to affiliate to EA and declare yourself as an affiliate in an EA race your insurance for that race could be affected.
      8. Access to the latest athlete offers at your individual athlete portal at
      9. If you are also a coach or an official will let you view your qualifications and DBS check.
      10. EA registered results included on the website.
      11. Fortnightly EA news bulletins via email.


For any further information on EA affiliation please visit their website here.