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Tom Roberts 5k Handicap

This great fun event is open to all Avon Valley members.

Tom Roberts Watchless Three and a Bit (3.15 miles) - *CANCELLED*

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you ran a race without your 'Garmin'?... 

As modern technology takes over the running world, more and more of us become reliant on the friendly gadget that sits happily on our wrist, merrily bleeping as we puff and pant our way around our latest race. Your going to slow, your going to fast, speed up, slow down, stop, no start again, are the usual translations for a Garmin 'bleep'.

Now here's a question... think of the speed that you run... 7 min/mile, 8 min/mile, 10 min/mile, maybe faster, maybe slower maybe something in between. Now do you know what it 'feels' like to run at that speed? Or do you rely on your 'Garmin' to tell you that you are running at that speed? Let me put this another way: could you run at that pace without a 'Garmin' just by using pace judgement?

Well Avon Valley Runners have created the race just to test this out!! The Tom Roberts 'WATCHLESS' Three and a Bit. Here's how it will work:

Date: Thursday 1st August 2019
Time: Registration from 7.00pm. Race Start 7.30pm
Venue: Pound Lane, Bradford-on-Avon (AVR Training HQ)
Route: Tom Roberts Handicap Course - 3.15 miles. 
Note: The course is NOT marshalled and runners will be required to know the route (please refer to map). There will be some signage on some parts of the course.

This event is open to AVR members only.  Not suitable for JAVR


At registration you will be asked to provide your finishing time. At 7.25pm runners will be asked to arrive at the start line where they will be checked for watches. WATCHES ARE BANNED. Runners will then start on mass at 7.30pm and run the 3.15 mile course without a watch. The winner of the race is the runner who finishes closest to their estimated finish time (the time you provided at registration).

So all you have to do now is work out what time you will run 3.15 miles in?! Practicing the route is encouraged, just remember the watch is banned on race day!

The route

Just in case anybody is unsure.... The start is just outside the club house and leads up Pound Lane and right onto Frome Road, continue past The Lock Inn and over the Canal Bridge. Turn right onto Jones Hill then start the climb up, keep left when the road forks. At the top of the climb you reach a crossroads, take the right signposted to Avoncliff. Folllow the road steeply downhill, at the bottom stick to the road and go under the canal, then turn right on a steep corner and up onto the canal towpath turn left and continue along the towpath to the footbridge. Turn left into Barton Farm Country Park and a final sprint back to the club house.

Race Director - Joby Hobbs