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Southwick Country parkrun Course Handicap

Date: 5th June 2018

Venue: Southwick Country park (gather at finish area at 6.45pm for registration)

How does it work: We start a countdown timer at the “handicap time” of the slowest runner and when the clock reaches your “handicap time you are shot out of the starting funnel. In theory if everyone equals their “handicap time” they should all finish at the same time.

“Handicap Time” - will be calculated using your Southwick Country parkrun best time in last twelve months i.e. since 5th June 2017. Those who have not run the parkrun before can still participate but will run off "scratch" i.e. with the fastest “handicap time” (last off).

Please know your “Handicap time” ahead of arriving on the day (we won’t have time to look them up on mobiles) and we will trust you… but you end up in a prize winning position, we will check you results to confirm. Here is the link to the 600+ members of AVR who have run at Southwick. and it is easier for you to find your time there by clicking on your name.

Please arrive no later than 6.50pm to register, we will walk to start line soon after.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Race Director or e-mail Sean Price for more details.

This event is open to all AVR members and JAVR members who are aged 11+ only






Links to older results timed by DBMax are as follows:-

2014 Results

2013 Results

2012 Chip times and handicap Times