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Results 1995

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Sun 24th Dec: Wellington Monument

6.27 Miles
14Maureen Laney0:37:551st Lady, Course record
58Rosemary Barber0:45:142nd Lady
98Judy Farr0:42:273rd Vet
113Stan Farr1:01:45

Sun 17th Dec: Merthyr Mawr 10K

MT 10 Km
138Les Unsworth0:46:14

Sun 10th Dec: Bromham 10K

Road 10 Km
7Andy Robertson0:34:22mens 1st team
13Gerry Fice0:35:00mens 1st team
16Colin Williamson0:35:34PB - mens 1st team
23G Terry0:36:23
27Simon Spedding0:36:34PB
28Ted Rockliffe0:36:35PB
30Alistair Bartlett0:36:40
43Bob Ellis0:37:39
54Jackie Robertson0:38:411st lady
64R Luke0:39:30
77Anthony Hickson0:40:23
82Linda Brown0:41:071st o/40
99C Crichton0:42:29
105Tony Bartlett0:42:49
126J Bowley0:44:29
136Denise Ellis0:45:15PB
137Linda Unsworth0:45:19PB
142Mike Gerrish0:45:46
143Joyce Field0:45:511st o/50
148Mike Brain0:46:43
149Dennis Mellor0:46:45
162D Green0:48:12
180Judy Farr0:49:37
181R Porter0:49:38
208Susie Phillips0:53:50
210S Hall0:54:14

Sun 10th Dec: Wyvern 10K

10 Km
180Mike Carpenter0:42:05
195Ray Withey0:42:34
206Rosemary Barber0:42:54

Sun 3rd Dec: Heytesbury relays

Road 3.7 Miles
999999Gerry Fice0:20:534th Mens Team
999999Alistair Bartlett0:21:214th Mens Team
999999Colin Williamson0:21:064th Mens Team
999999Simon Spedding0:21:336th Mens Team
999999Bob Ellis0:22:316th Mens Team
999999N Stevens0:22:266th Mens Team
999999Pete Chapple0:25:5014th Mens Team
999999J Bowley0:26:1614th Mens Team
999999Gerry Fice0:21:5114th Mens Team
999999E Holgate0:25:231st ladies team
999999Linda Unsworth0:27:191st ladies team
999999D Green0:28:231st ladies team
999999C Crichton0:25:282nd Ladies Team
999999Joyce Field0:28:172nd Ladies Team
999999Judy Farr0:28:332nd Ladies Team

Wed 29th Nov: Lanzarote 23K

23 Km
143Dennis Mellor1:54:58
153Mike Gerrish2:00:15
158Stan Farr2:03:29
999999Rosemary Barber1:46:54

Tue 28th Nov: Lanzarote 5K beach race

MT 5 Km
1Rosemary Barber0:24:52
152Dennis Mellor0:27:32
160Mike Gerrish0:28:23
163Stan Farr0:29:20

Mon 27th Nov: Lanzarote 8.9K hill race

Hill 8.9 Km
157Dennis Mellor0:43:55
177Mike Gerrish0:47:28
183Stan Farr0:49:58
999999Rosemary Barber0:40:01

Sun 26th Nov: Saint Cannat 10K

10 Km
391Bill Howsego1:10:027th o/60

Sun 26th Nov: Bournemouth 10

Road 10 Miles
38Andy Robertson0:58:05
59P Squire0:59:43
61Maureen Laney0:59:503rd lady/1st vet - 1st ladies team
73Colin Williamson1:01:25PB
87Ted Rockliffe1:02:31
105Simon Spedding1:03:49
117Frank Lamerton1:04:30PB
130Jackie Robertson1:05:361st ladies team
137N Stevens1:06:27
243J Bowley1:14:28
277Denise Ellis1:17:44PB
280Joyce Field1:17:231st ladies team
289Mike Brain1:18:19

Sun 26th Nov: Lanzarote 10K

10 Km
169Dennis Mellor0:47:29
192Mike Gerrish0:51:15
999999Rosemary Barber0:42:04

Sun 19th Nov: Westbury Harriers MT 10

MT 10 Miles
25Alistair Bartlett1:05:13
135Tony Bartlett1:15:55
164Ray Withey1:18:12
231Mike Carpenter1:23:33

Sun 12th Nov: Chipping Sodbury Beagle Bash 10K

10 Km
17Colin Williamson0:43:52
31P Squire0:45:10
66Simon Spedding0:48:08
91Phil Mitchell0:49:48
106Alan Meadows0:50:35
236J Bowley0:57:55
299Denise Ellis1:02:40
335Viv Toms1:07:07

Sun 12th Nov: Gillingham 7.5

7.5 Miles
28Rosemary Barber0:52:582nd lady
45Judy Farr1:00:42
49Stan Farr1:02:06

Sun 12th Nov: Lymington 10K

10 Km
3Jackie Robertson0:38:223rd lady - PB
11Andy Robertson0:34:54
28Ted Rockliffe0:37:30

Sun 12th Nov: Pitsea 5

5 Miles
999999Les Unsworth0:32:41

Sat 11th Nov: Bath Victoria Park 4

Road 4 Miles
25Gerry Fice0:22:58
26Alistair Bartlett0:23:04
35G Terry0:24:48
62Tony Bartlett0:28:05

Sun 5th Nov: Grittleton Ladies 10K

10 Km
4Jackie Robertson0:39:41
9J Gilmore0:41:40
13Rosemary Barber0:42:511st o/50
35Joyce Field0:46:47
39Linda Unsworth0:47:03
47Judy Farr0:48:32
61D Green0:50:47
91Susie Phillips0:55:33
96Sheila Jennings0:55:50
104Pauline Sanger0:57:06
123S Kingwell1:02:03
123Viv Toms1:02:03

Sun 5th Nov: Salisbury Plain 15.5

15.5 Miles
10Ray Withey1:52:48
156Tony Bartlett1:57:02
225Mike Gerrish2:08:57

Sun 5th Nov: Firework 5 Cardiff

5 Miles
19Denise Ellis0:37:55

Thu 2nd Nov: Keynsham 5K

Road 5 Km
18Pete Chapple0:21:30
999999Gerry Fice

Sun 29th Oct: Bracknell Half Marathon

Road Half Marathon
71N Stevens1:26:48

Sun 22nd Oct: Stroud Half Marathon

Road Half Marathon
999999Ted Rockliffe1:25:11
999999Jackie Robertson1:27:307th lady

Sun 22nd Oct: Warminster 10K

10 Km
12Alistair Bartlett0:38:16
19C Noakes0:40:09
33Rosemary Barber0:43:131st lady - 1st ladies team
38Alan Meadows0:44:14
39Tony Bartlett0:44:161st o/60
42Pete Chapple0:44:51
55Judy Farr0:48:361st o/50 - 1st ladies team
57Jan Hunt0:50:061st ladies team
58Stan Farr0:50:10
74Susie Phillips0:56:36

Sun 22nd Oct: Dorset 3 Peaks challenge

4Maureen Laney1:04:123rd team
29P Squire1:10:443rd team
35Colin Williamson1:11:353rd team
78Neil Fyfe1:16:47
195Ray Withey1:26:37
239Mike Carpenter1:38:21

Sun 22nd Oct: Kielder 6

6 Miles
3Maureen Laney0:35:04

Sat 21st Oct: Weymouth 10

Road 10 Miles
25J Bowley1:17:58
26Joyce Field1:17:593rd lady

Sun 15th Oct: Upton Noble Nobbly

MT 5.3 Miles
13Alan Meadows0:38:04
15J Bowley0:39:43
17Judy Farr0:41:142nd lady
20Stan Farr0:43:05

Sun 15th Oct: Avalon XC League

50John Kent0:36:20
52G Terry0:36:27

Sun 15th Oct: Torbay Marathon

Road Marathon
999999Danny Kay
999999B Dunn4:08:00

Sun 8th Oct: Ilchester 8.2M

8.2 Miles
3Rosemary Barber0:57:52

Sun 8th Oct: Ilchester 8.2M

4 Miles
2Joby Hobbs0:29:19

Sun 8th Oct: Great South Run

Road 10 Miles
76Andy Robertson0:58:49
224Jackie Robertson1:04:099th lady
383Les Unsworth1:08:02
547Ray Withey1:10:13
1320Linda Unsworth1:19:23

Sat 7th Oct: Argentan Half Marathon

Road Half Marathon
44Maureen Laney1:20:072nd lady
87Colin Williamson1:24:44
101P Squire1:25:249th team
121N Stevens1:26:49
414C Crichton1:40:27
416Sean Greenland1:40:34
511Bob Ellis1:44:27
532Dennis Mellor1:45:143rd o/60
597Joyce Field1:47:24
598J Bowley1:47:25
691Stan Farr1:52:33
797Viv Toms1:58:19
853Denise Ellis2:02:32

Sun 1st Oct: Longleat Relays

999999J Gilmore0:20:326th Ladies Team
999999Joyce Field0:23:516th Ladies Team
999999Linda Unsworth0:22:466th Ladies Team
999999Denise Ellis0:23:046th Ladies Team
999999John Kent0:18:2217th Mens Team
999999Alistair Bartlett0:19:0417th Mens Team
999999N Stevens0:19:1517th Mens Team
999999Neil Fyfe0:18:5917th Mens Team
999999G Terry0:18:5217th Mens Team
999999Bob Ellis0:19:2817th Mens Team
999999R Luke0:20:3126th Mens Team
999999Ray Withey0:21:3326th Mens Team
999999Pete Chapple0:22:1126th Mens Team
999999Mike Carpenter0:21:3926th Mens Team
999999J Bowley0:23:1026th Mens Team
999999Alan Meadows0:22:1226th Mens Team

Sun 1st Oct: Marlborough 10K

MT 10 Km
49Les Unsworth0:42:13
89Rosemary Barber0:45:352nd o/45
123Judy Farr0:49:13
137Dennis Mellor0:50:38
201Stan Farr1:00:07

Sun 1st Oct: Totton 10K

Road 10 Km
5Jackie Robertson0:38:53
38Andy Robertson0:35:12

Sun 1st Oct: Gloucester marathon

Road Marathon
999999T Harrison3:37:15
999999Danny Kay3:39:00

Sat 30th Sep: Midford Muddle

MT 20 Km
30Frank Lamerton1:38:35

Wed 27th Sep: Bath City centre 5K

Road 5 Km
14Alistair Bartlett0:17:37
38Tony Bartlett0:21:30

Sun 24th Sep: Littledown 5

Road 5 Miles
95Rosemary Barber0:34:342nd o/45
119Joyce Field0:36:31
136Judy Farr0:37:46
146Stan Farr0:38:12

Sun 24th Sep: Yate 5

Road 5 Miles
999999Pete Chapple0:35:57

Sun 17th Sep: Great North Run

Road Half Marathon
999999Maureen Laney1:19:17
999999Colin Williamson1:19:54PB
999999Linda Brown1:36:17
999999Viv Toms1:56:38

Sun 17th Sep: Queen Camel 10K

10 Km
5Andy Robertson0:35:07
6John Kent0:36:041st vet
7Ted Rockliffe0:37:252nd vet
10Jackie Robertson0:38:48PB - 1st lady
28J Bowley0:45:27
30Joyce Field0:46:182nd vet
32Judy Farr0:46:383rd vet
36Stan Farr0:47:51

Sun 17th Sep: Pewsey Half Marathon

Road Half Marathon
18Alistair Bartlett1:25:27

Sun 17th Sep: Pewsey 5

Road 5 Miles
11Phil Mitchell0:32:00
12G Terry0:33:06
19Tony Bartlett0:36:09

Sun 10th Sep: Haresfield Beacon 10K

10 Km
36Anthony Hickson0:38:171st o/60
71J Bowley0:44:20
80Judy Farr0:46:112nd o/50
85Joyce Field0:47:163rd o/50
86Stan Farr0:47:28
92Viv Toms0:51:07

Sun 10th Sep: Netherthong 10K

10 Km
29Bob Ellis0:42:04
83Denise Ellis0:50:527th lady

Sun 10th Sep: New Forest Half Marathon

Road Half Marathon
999999Nick Rosier1:23:22

Sun 10th Sep: Alice Holt 10K

MT 10 Km
999999Jan Hunt0:55:16

Sun 3rd Sep: Frome 5

Road 5 Miles
1Jackie Robertson0:30:42
7Andy Robertson0:26:55
12Colin Williamson0:28:16Ladies 1st team
17Ted Rockliffe0:29:17
26Bernard Hobbs0:31:42
39Ray Withey0:33:50
41Mike Carpenter0:34:09
59C Tyler0:35:45
68Dennis Mellor0:37:03
70Judy Farr0:37:10
72Stan Farr0:37:15
79K Lee0:38:29

Sun 3rd Sep: Corfe Beast

MT 11 Miles
999999B Dunn1:39:00

Sun 3rd Sep: Lossiemouth to Elgin 10K

10 Km
999999Neil Whitehead0:38:36

Sun 3rd Sep: Cardiff 10K

10 Km
999999Denise Ellis0:47:35

Sun 3rd Sep: Calne 10K

10 Km
17Gerry Fice0:36:22
18Maureen Laney0:36:301st lady
43Anthony Hickson0:39:32
52Phil Mitchell0:40:29
54Simon Reeves0:40:46
66Les Unsworth0:41:44
89David Earley0:45:27
94Linda Unsworth0:46:07

Mon 28th Aug: Southwick 3

3 Miles
3Dave Seymour0:15:35
6P Squire0:16:17
9Colin Williamson0:16:45
11Alistair Bartlett0:17:08
14Ted Rockliffe0:17:37
15G Terry0:17:51
17M Thrall0:18:42
23Pete Chapple0:20:23
26J Bowley0:20:48
29Joyce Field0:21:512nd lady
36Dennis Mellor0:22:28
38K Lee0:22:59
39Mike Brain0:23:23
40Denise Ellis0:24:08
40Viv Toms0:24:08

Sun 27th Aug: Langport 10K

10 Km
8Rosemary Barber0:41:551st o/45
21Judy Farr0:48:221st o/50
149Stan Farr0:49:15

Sun 27th Aug: Torfean Half Marathon

Half Marathon
999999B Dunn1:27:56

Sun 20th Aug: Standish Woodland Chase

63Tony Bartlett1:16:45

Sun 20th Aug: Braishfield 15K

15 Km
61Rosemary Barber1:09:341st o/45
84Judy Farr1:16:493rd o/50
89Stan Farr1:20:10

Sun 13th Aug: Airsprung Fun Run

3.5 Miles
3Andy Robertson0:18:26
4Alistair Bartlett0:19:04
5Maureen Laney0:19:101st lady
6Colin Williamson0:19:18
7John Kent0:19:221st o/40
8Ted Rockliffe0:19:52
9Neil Fyfe0:20:05
13Jackie Robertson0:20:343rd lady
14Bernard Hobbs0:21:23
15Les Unsworth0:21:46
20J Bowley0:24:15
22Linda Unsworth0:24:35
24R Havergal0:25:14
25Judy Farr0:25:21
29Viv Toms0:26:58

Sat 12th Aug: Grove 6

6 Miles
95Judy Farr0:47:351st o/45

Tue 8th Aug: Calne relays

999999P Squire0:18:524th Team
999999Alistair Bartlett0:20:014th Team
999999John Kent0:19:434th Team
999999G Terry0:19:417th Team
999999Frank Lamerton0:19:287th Team
999999Mike Hehir0:21:377th Team
999999Ted Rockliffe0:20:3310th Team
999999Simon Reeves0:20:5310th Team
999999N Stevens0:20:1310th Team
999999Andy Robertson0:18:5120th Team
999999Bob Ellis0:21:1720th Team
999999J Bowley0:28:2620th Team
999999Rosemary Barber0:21:4319th Team
999999Judy Farr0:25:1219th Team
999999Jackie Robertson0:21:0719th Team
999999Joyce Field0:25:2023rd Team
999999Viv Toms0:27:2423rd Team
999999Denise Ellis0:25:1723rd Team

Sun 6th Aug: Blagdon 5.6

5.6 Miles
111Judy Farr0:44:323rd o/35

Sun 6th Aug: Leyhill Prison 10K

MT 10 Km
2Rosemary Barber0:45:19

Sun 6th Aug: Sturminster Newton Half Marathon

Road Half Marathon
39Alistair Bartlett1:25:53
76Tony Bartlett1:34:43

Sat 29th Jul: Swanage 12

12 Miles
31Nick Rosier1:17:32
33Neil Whitehead1:17:49
73Tony Bartlett1:27:00
100Dennis Mellor1:34:28
119Judy Farr1:39:563rd o/40

Sun 23rd Jul: Donhead 5

Road 5 Miles
49J Bowley0:34:25
51Stan Farr0:34:45
53Judy Farr0:35:281st o/45
62Joyce Field0:37:42

Sun 23rd Jul: Donhead 5

2.25 Miles
2E Hall0:18:03

Sun 23rd Jul: Gloucester Half Marathon

Road Half Marathon
60Alistair Bartlett1:24:41
165Tony Bartlett1:34:52

Wed 19th Jul: Chippenham 4.5

Road 4.5 Miles
12P Squire0:25:47
16Neil Fyfe0:26:29
21Colin Williamson0:26:43
32Ted Rockliffe0:27:02
39Frank Lamerton0:27:19
41G Terry0:27:41
42Bernard Hobbs0:27:47
56Mike Hehir0:28:52
75Anthony Hickson0:29:351st o/60
87Phil Mitchell0:30:49
110J Bowley0:33:34
123Joyce Field0:34:28

Sun 16th Jul: Brading 10K

10 Km
58Bill Howsego0:53:261st o/70

Sat 15th Jul: Hambledon Hill

2Rosemary Barber0:28:59
13Colin Williamson0:25:00
999999Anthony Hickson0:27:00
999999Stan Farr0:32:07

Tue 11th Jul: Calne relays

999999Gerry Fice0:18:533rd Team
999999John Kent0:19:343rd Team
999999P Squire0:18:463rd Team
999999Neil Fyfe0:19:356th Team
999999Colin Williamson0:19:586th Team
999999Frank Lamerton0:19:556th Team
999999N Stevens0:20:197th Team
999999Bernard Hobbs0:20:167th Team
999999Ted Rockliffe0:20:227th Team
999999Anthony Hickson0:20:4611th Team
999999Sean Greenland0:20:3211th Team
999999Mike Hehir0:21:3311th Team
999999R Luke0:21:2918th Team
999999J Bowley0:23:5918th Team
999999Gerry Fice0:20:2418th Team
999999Maureen Laney0:19:041st Ladies Team
999999Rosemary Barber0:21:551st Ladies Team
999999Jackie Robertson0:22:061st Ladies Team
999999Judy Farr0:25:2123rd Team
999999Viv Toms0:27:5623rd Team
999999Denise Ellis0:24:5723rd Team
999999C Crichton0:23:1824th Team
999999Pauline Sanger0:28:4524th Team
999999Jan Hunt0:26:3824th Team

Sun 9th Jul: New Forest 10

Road 10 Miles
999999Neil Whitehead1:06:22
999999Les Unsworth1:20:17
999999Mike Carpenter1:22:00
999999Linda Unsworth1:32:53

Sun 9th Jul: Bridgwater Half Marathon

Road Half Marathon
19Alistair Bartlett1:29:201st u/25
42Tony Bartlett1:39:29

Sun 9th Jul: Sherston 10K

Road 10 Km
37Stan Farr0:46:39
46Dennis Mellor0:47:42
58Judy Farr0:49:53

Sun 2nd Jul: Bitton Vets 10K

10 Km
15Ted Rockliffe0:38:41
33Anthony Hickson0:41:111st o/60
43Rosemary Barber0:42:231st o/45
61J Bowley0:45:01
65G Babb0:45:13
74Dennis Mellor0:46:533rd o/60
85Judy Farr0:47:521st o/50
102Viv Toms0:52:32
109Sheila Jennings0:56:281st o/60
999999Stan Farr0:45:052nd o/55

Sun 2nd Jul: Southport beach 10K

MT 10 Km
999999Alan Meadows0:47:00
999999Jan Hunt0:54:502nd o/45
999999Pauline Sanger0:57:233rd o/45

Thu 29th Jun: West Wilts schools 1500m

1Joby Hobbs0:05:09

Sun 25th Jun: Brugge 10K

10 Km
2Sheila Jennings0:53:49

Sat 24th Jun: Poole 10K

Road 10 Km
74Maureen Laney0:36:144th lady; 1st o/40 - Ladies 1st team
112Colin Williamson0:37:51
205Rosemary Barber0:41:301st o/45 - Ladies 1st team
283J Bowley0:45:35
287Joyce Field0:45:501st o/50 - Ladies 1st team
298Mike Brain0:46:22
999999Judy Farr0:48:11
999999Viv Toms0:51:25

Sat 24th Jun: Bourton on the water 15

15 Miles
59P Squire1:39:45
151Tony Bartlett1:56:19

Wed 21st Jun: Bath track races

T&F 3000m
999999Gerry Fice0:09:59

Sun 18th Jun: Offas Dyke 15

15 Miles
999999Neil Whitehead1:56:56

Sun 18th Jun: South West Vets Track Champs

T&F 5000m
999999Gerry Fice0:17:08

Sat 17th Jun: Dursley 10

10 Miles
80Tony Bartlett1:13:11140 finished

Sat 17th Jun: Man v Horse 22M relay

MT 22 Miles
999999Maureen Laney0:36:094th Team
999999Colin Williamson0:34:404th Team
999999N Stevens0:23:534th Team
999999Neil Fyfe0:54:004th Team

Tue 13th Jun: Calne Relays

999999P Squire0:18:541st Team
999999Gerry Fice0:18:531st Team
999999John Kent0:19:081st Team
999999Neil Fyfe0:19:534th Team
999999Colin Williamson0:19:254th Team
999999Andy Robertson0:19:454th Team
999999Maureen Laney0:19:4910th Team
999999R Luke0:21:0610th Team
999999Anthony Hickson0:20:3310th Team
999999G Terry0:19:4611th Team
999999Ted Rockliffe0:20:1211th Team
999999N Stevens0:20:0111th Team
999999Bernard Hobbs0:20:3313th Team
999999Mike Hehir0:21:3613th Team
999999Sean Greenland0:21:1213th Team
999999J Bowley0:24:2517th Team
999999Pete Chapple0:23:1117th Team
999999Neil Fyfe0:24:4117th Team
999999Rosemary Barber0:21:4014th Team
999999C Crichton0:23:4114th Team
999999Maureen Laney0:20:1514th Team
999999Verity Bartlett0:24:2019th Team
999999Judy Farr0:25:3219th Team
999999Joyce Field0:24:1219th Team

Sun 11th Jun: Warminster 10

10 Miles
10Maureen Laney1:00:561st lady
55Dennis Mellor1:16:39
57Barbara White1:16:41
59J Bowley1:16:46
60Joyce Field1:16:47

Sun 11th Jun: Great Hinton Agony Run

Road 3 Miles
2John Kent0:15:18
4Colin Williamson0:15:44
5Neil Fyfe0:15:51
6Ted Rockliffe0:15:56
8G Terry0:16:11
9Tom Frost0:16:18
13Bernard Hobbs0:16:45
16Rosemary Barber0:17:28
19Pete Chapple0:18:15
29Les Unsworth0:19:11
29Linda Unsworth0:19:112nd lady
40Judy Farr0:20:003rd lady
50Stan Farr0:20:38
53E Hall0:20:50

Sat 10th Jun: Westwood 3

3 Miles
1Colin Williamson0:17:23
2Nick Rosier0:17:25
4Rosemary Barber0:18:461st lady

Sat 10th Jun: Broad Town 5

Road 5 Miles
60Andy Lilley0:32:17
62Les Unsworth0:32:37
105Judy Farr0:37:33
109Stan Farr0:38:00

Sun 4th Jun: Long Ashton

10 Km
95Rosemary Barber0:42:512nd lady; 1st o/40
158Stan Farr0:46:42
193Judy Farr0:48:591st o/50

Tue 30th May: Wells City Centre 8K

Road 8 Km
54Andy Robertson0:27:11

Tue 30th May: Wells National Vets 5K

23Jackie Rockliffe0:19:213rd vets team
32Rosemary Barber0:19:513rd o/45
33Anthony Hickson0:19:03
33E Hall0:11:12
46Joyce Field0:21:343rd o/50
56J Bowley0:21:18
56Judy Farr0:23:23
64Sheila Jennings0:26:342nd o/60
72Gerry Fice0:17:21
81Ted Rockliffe0:18:12

Tue 30th May: Ashton Court 10K

MT 10 Km
999999Colin Williamson0:38:55
999999Alan Meadows0:43:32
999999Pauline Sanger0:57:36

Mon 29th May: Imber Half Marathon

MT Half Marathon
17Alistair Bartlett1:30:10
23Tom Frost1:34:15
43Tony Bartlett1:39:00

Sun 28th May: Bath Hilly 10

Road 10 Miles
41Linda Brown1:24:10
45Tony Bartlett1:15:17
63Stan Farr1:20:32
68Dennis Mellor1:21:38
74Denise Ellis1:25:46
76Mike Gerrish1:28:46

Sun 21st May: Centaur Chase 10

10 Miles
999999Alistair Bartlett1:15:38

Sun 21st May: Keynsham Road Race

Road 5.5 Miles
1Judy Farr0:44:23
4Rosemary Barber0:37:20

Sun 21st May: Chippenham Half Marathon

Road Half Marathon
74Ray Withey1:33:112nd o/50
90Mike Carpenter1:35:35
999999Stan Farr1:40:07
999999Dennis Mellor1:40:46
999999Linda Unsworth1:44:51

Sun 21st May: Chippenham Fun Run

Road 4 Miles
4Les Unsworth0:25:20

Sun 14th May: Alton 10

10 Miles
999999Les Unsworth1:08:07

Sun 14th May: AVR 10K

10 Km
14P Squire0:35:43
29Neil Fyfe0:37:331st o/50
44Linda Brown0:40:051st lady - 1st Ladies Team
46R Luke0:40:09
63Alan Meadows0:42:14
66Pete Chapple0:42:21
69Tony Bartlett0:42:57
71C Crichton0:43:041st Ladies Team
80J Bowley0:44:57
88Joyce Field0:45:161st Ladies Team
101R Porter0:48:43

Sun 14th May: Sutton Benger 5

Road 5 Miles
13Rosemary Barber0:32:391st lady

Sun 14th May: Clifton Downs 5K

5 Km
999999Jan Hunt0:24:33
999999Pete Chapple0:26:091st o/60
999999Sheila Jennings0:26:45

Tue 9th May: Calne Relays Heddington 3.4M

3.4 Miles
999999Andy Robertson0:18:261st Mens Team
999999Gerry Fice0:19:321st Mens Team
999999John Kent0:19:071st Mens Team
999999Colin Williamson0:20:113rd Mens Team
999999N Stevens0:20:363rd Mens Team
999999Alistair Bartlett0:20:243rd Mens Team
999999Anthony Hickson0:20:546th Mens Team
999999Mike Hehir0:21:436th Mens Team
999999Ted Rockliffe0:20:216th Mens Team
999999Neil Fyfe0:20:007th Mens Team
999999J Bowley0:23:547th Mens Team
999999Andy Robertson0:19:077th Mens Team
999999Rosemary Barber0:21:531st Ladies Team
999999Joyce Field0:24:341st Ladies Team
999999Jackie Rockliffe0:20:551st Ladies Team

Mon 8th May: Fontwell Magna 8

8 Miles
19Roger Carey0:51:53Ladies 1st team
31Rosemary Barber0:54:492nd lady; 1st o/40
49Stan Farr0:59:56
61Denise Ellis1:03:46
62Judy Farr1:03:591st o/50

Sun 7th May: Neolithic Marathon

MT Marathon
27Frank Lamerton3:38:06
52Tony Bartlett3:49:42
63I Warden3:54:52
64Bob Washbourne3:54:52
87Danny Kay4:06:44
92Ray Withey4:12:20

Sun 30th Apr: Bristol Half Marathon

Road Half Marathon
1Maureen Laney1:22:40
999999Bernard Hobbs1:25:01
999999Tom Frost1:28:33
999999David Earley1:29:14
999999J Bowley1:39:57
999999Joyce Field1:40:06
999999Viv Toms1:54:38
999999Alan Meadows2:00:28

Sun 30th Apr: Bristol Half Marathon

6 Km
999999Jan Hunt0:28:51
999999Pauline Sanger0:31:00

Sun 30th Apr: Glastonbury 5.75

5.75 Miles
83Rosemary Barber0:38:19
126Stan Farr0:40:46
155Dennis Mellor0:43:04
191Bill Howsego0:44:52
198Judy Farr0:45:12

Sun 23rd Apr: South Coast Marathon

Road Marathon
88Frank Lamerton3:17:21
130Danny Kay3:30:00
176Tony Bartlett3:42:00

Sun 23rd Apr: Highworth 10K

Road 10 Km
76Neil Whitehead0:38:21
85N Stevens0:38:37
92Colin Williamson0:39:21
94Neil Fyfe0:39:23
260Bill Howsego0:50:18

Sun 23rd Apr: South West Vets Champs

70Rosemary Barber0:42:511st o/45
105Stan Farr0:46:422nd o/55
108J Bowley0:47:10
114Joyce Field0:47:291st o/50
146Judy Farr0:52:062nd o/50

Sun 23rd Apr: Penselwood 10K

10 Km
13B Dunn0:43:08

Mon 17th Apr: Yeovil 10K

10 Km
47R Luke0:40:29
53B Dunn0:41:29
61Rosemary Barber0:42:23
86J Bowley0:45:02
87Stan Farr0:45:04
90Joyce Field0:45:46
101Judy Farr0:49:03
122Viv Toms0:52:21

Sun 9th Apr: Totton 10K

Road 10 Km
23Andy Robertson0:34:15
117Frank Lamerton0:37:57
176Anthony Hickson0:39:34
186Jackie Rockliffe0:39:508th lady
231Rosemary Barber0:41:144th o/35
308J Bowley0:43:46
319Stan Farr0:43:58
359Joyce Field0:44:571st V50
448Denise Ellis0:47:03
472Judy Farr0:47:402nd V50

Sun 2nd Apr: London Marathon

Road Marathon
11332Bill Howsego3:59:32
999999Bernard Hobbs3:02:18
999999Frank Lamerton3:12:59
999999Nick Rosier3:14:23
999999M Thrall3:15:44
999999Linda Brown3:21:07
999999Les Unsworth3:23:59
999999Dennis Mellor3:35:41
999999David Earley3:35:47
999999B Dunn3:40:17
999999Bob Washbourne3:44:38
999999Mike Gerrish

Sun 26th Mar: Trowbridge 5.9

Road 5.9 Miles
3Andy Robertson0:32:35
11Bernard Hobbs0:35:23
12Maureen Laney0:35:29
13N Stevens0:35:30
16Tom Frost0:36:26
20Colin Williamson0:37:26
21Colin Switzer0:37:45
26Jackie Rockliffe0:38:21
28Andy Lilley0:39:14
29Rosemary Barber0:39:31
35Pete Chapple0:41:20
39J Bowley0:42:23
42Dennis Mellor0:42:49
45Joyce Field0:43:39
47Judy Farr0:44:22
52Viv Toms0:47:39

Sun 26th Mar: Wootton Bassett 12K

12 Km
7Anthony Hickson0:48:431st o/50

Sun 19th Mar: Bath Half Marathon

Road Half Marathon
12Jackie Rockliffe1:28:07Ladies 2nd team
16Linda Brown1:29:112nd o/40 - Ladies 2nd team
50C Crichton1:39:59Ladies 2nd team
63C Tyler1:41:47
66Joyce Field1:41:55
70Andy Robertson1:17:00
93Denise Ellis1:45:24
96Verity Bartlett1:45:44
97Ted Rockliffe1:23:14
143Viv Toms1:52:10
204Bernard Hobbs1:23:34
234M Thrall1:24:44
258David Earley1:25:14
268Neil Whitehead1:25:21
279Frank Lamerton1:25:35
331N Stevens1:27:28
363Roger Carey1:28:07
493Danny Kay1:30:58
510T Harrison1:31:18
539Les Unsworth1:31:53
561Ray Withey1:32:18
568R Luke1:32:28
576Tony Bartlett1:32:46
579Anthony Hickson1:32:52
623Andy Lilley1:33:39
696Mike Carpenter1:35:06
839Dennis Mellor1:38:14
873Stan Farr1:38:59
915Tim Northwood1:39:53
1000J Bowley1:41:38
1127Alan Meadows1:44:30
1159Mike Gerrish1:45:05
1247Mike Brain1:47:12
1328Bill Howsego1:51:07
1690John Millichip2:11:35

Sun 19th Mar: The Grizzly

MT 17 Miles
68Ian White2:36:18

Sun 12th Mar: Yate 5K

5 Km
2Rosemary Barber0:20:291st o/45
999999Pete Chapple0:21:42

Sun 12th Mar: Cheddar MT 10

MT 10 Miles
12Maureen Laney1:24:591st lady

Sun 12th Mar: Portsmouth Half Marathon

Road Half Marathon
999999David Earley1:26:41
999999Frank Lamerton1:28:34

Sun 12th Mar: Gloucester 20

20 Miles
999999Neil Whitehead1:16:21

Sun 5th Mar: Dursley dozen

MT 12 Miles
44Ian White1:33:39
81Tony Bartlett1:42:38
199Stan Farr2:13:50

Sun 5th Mar: Reading 20

20 Miles
999999Frank Lamerton2:17:47

Sun 5th Mar: Alweston 10

10 Miles
36Alistair Bartlett1:03:15
88Anthony Hickson1:12:49
125Verity Bartlett1:19:35

Sun 5th Mar: Avalon XC League

35G Terry0:31:15
42C Noakes0:32:20

Sun 26th Feb: Cardiff 20

20 Miles
999999M Thrall2:18:45
999999Les Unsworth2:24:58
999999Mike Carpenter2:29:30
999999Ray Withey2:35:00

Sun 26th Feb: Great Western 10

10 Miles
15Andy Robertson0:59:01
43Ted Rockliffe1:04:48
77Jackie Rockliffe1:08:19
81Linda Brown1:08:54
111Alan Meadows1:11:57
145Dennis Mellor1:15:171st o/60
169Stan Farr1:18:35
177J Bowley1:19:45
179Joyce Field1:20:02
215Viv Toms1:29:04

Sun 26th Feb: Pewsey Hill 10

10 Miles
1Anthony Hickson1:11:30
20Roger Carey1:08:14

Sun 19th Feb: Erlestoke XC

XC 6 Miles
8G Terry0:46:19
32Alan Meadow0:52:47
33Rosemary Barber0:52:591st lady
38T Harrison0:56:18
40Stan Farr0:57:08
41Dennis Mellor0:57:21
62Bill Howsego1:03:22

Sun 19th Feb: Long Mynd 10

10 Miles
34Ian White2:07:58

Sun 19th Feb: Avalon XC League

38John Kent0:42:28

Sun 12th Feb: Blackmore Vale 6

6 Miles
7Rosemary Barber0:40:221st lady
10Judy Farr0:45:453rd lady
11Stan Farr0:46:13

Sun 12th Feb: Wyvern Tough 10

10 Miles
21Barbara White1:24:52
44Linda Unsworth1:31:59
45Denise Ellis1:32:03
78Alistair Bartlett1:11:01
219Neil Whitehead1:18:20
234David Earley1:18:42
266Tony Bartlett1:19:59
323Mike Carpenter1:22:08
354Ray Withey1:23:26
565J Bowley1:31:37

Sun 5th Feb: Gillingham relays

2Rosemary Barber0:20:122nd Ladies Team
999999Gerry Fice0:16:471st Vets Team
999999Neil Fyfe0:17:541st Vets Team
999999John Kent0:17:051st Vets Team
999999Andy Robertson0:16:35
999999Simon Reeves0:18:16
999999Alistair Bartlett0:17:54
999999Colin Williamson0:18:52
999999G Terry0:18:21
999999Andy Robertson0:17:20
999999Sean Greenland0:19:02
999999J Bowley0:21:32
999999Gerry Fice0:17:54
999999Denise Ellis0:23:132nd Ladies Team
999999Joyce Field0:22:332nd Ladies Team

Sun 5th Feb: Benfleet 15 MT

MT 15 Miles
999999Les Unsworth1:55:15

Sun 29th Jan: Romsey 5

Road 5 Miles
74Rosemary Barber0:33:271st o/45
79Colin Switzer0:33:41
144Stan Farr0:36:563rd o/45
187Judy Farr0:38:24

Sun 29th Jan: Yate 10K

Road 10 Km
999999J Bowley0:45:00

Sun 22nd Jan: Theale 10K

Road 10 Km
49Rosemary Barber0:42:33 2nd lady; 1st series

Sun 22nd Jan: Charnwood Hill 12

12 Miles
13Barbara White2:00:03
999999Ian White1:38:15

Sun 15th Jan: Theale 10K

Road 10 Km
55Rosemary Barber0:42:533rd lady
86Stan Farr0:46:26
100Judy Farr0:48:22

Sun 15th Jan: Avalon XC League

51John Kent0:30:25

Sun 8th Jan: Yate 5M

Road 5 Miles
86Rosemary Barber0:33:261st o/45; 3rd lady
115J Bowley0:36:41
132Stan Farr0:39:26
134Judy Farr0:40:15

Sun 1st Jan: Kewstoke 10K

Road 10 Km
53Rosemary Barber0:42:181st o/40
73J Bowley0:45:56
84Stan Farr0:47:53
85Denise Ellis0:47:58
88Judy Farr0:48:551st o/50
91Joyce Field0:49:34