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Results 1985

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Thu 26th Dec: Boxing Day Run

Road 3.4 Miles
1Colin Murray0:17:24Course Record
2Steve Houghton0:20:05
3Neil Fyfe0:20:35
4Miles Holland0:20:49
5Rob Almond0:20:56
6Bob Powell0:21:24
7Ted Rockliffe0:22:29
8Judy Farr0:22:57
9Stan Farr0:23:27

Sat 14th Dec: Wilts XC Championships

62Miles Holland0:40:52
77Stan Farr0:47:42

Sun 1st Dec: Bournemouth 10

Road 10 Miles
321Stan Farr1:08:52

Sun 17th Nov: Leamington - Banbury 20

Road 20 Miles
999999Kenneth Farrell
999999Bill Thomas2:18:05
999999Tim Northwood2:14:29
999999Mike Hehir2:11:00

Sun 17th Nov: Devizes 10K

Road 10 Km
48Neil Fyfe0:35:49
50Bob Powell0:35:53
52D Powell0:35:55
61Ron Whittle0:36:29
93Ted Rockliffe0:38:03
110Graham Maidment0:38:55
111Stan Farr0:38:56
149Tom Roberts0:41:10
999999Judy Farr0:38:583rd Lady

Sat 9th Nov: Victoria Park Races

Road 4 Miles
84Miles Holland0:23:43
141Paul Morgan0:25:33
157Graham Maidment0:26:13
168Stan Farr0:26:43
999999Judy Farr0:26:5912th Lady

Tue 5th Nov: Mike Sulley Cross Country 5

XC 5 Miles
267Stan Farr0:34:14
999999Miles Holland

Tue 5th Nov: Salisbury Plain 15.5

15.5 Miles
39Bob Roots1:29:39
117Tim Northwood1:37:15
401Graham Maidment1:53:09
419Kenneth Farrell1:54:01
999999A Munday2:10:00
999999Raymond Chisling2:10:00

Sun 27th Oct: Stroud Half Marathon

Road Half Marathon
999999Ron Whittle1:23:00

Sun 20th Oct: Barnes Green Half Marathon

Road Half Marathon
999999Tom Roberts1:39:00

Sun 20th Oct: Bradford on Avon 7

Road 7 Miles
2Bob Roots0:36:321st Mens team
6Tim Northwood0:39:441st Mens team
9Mike Hehir0:40:211st Mens team
10George Bright0:40:233rd Mens team
14Bill Thomas0:41:213rd Mens team
26Neil Fyfe0:42:473rd Mens team
28Ron Whittle0:42:57
29Miles Holland0:43:02
30Danny Kay0:43:04
31Dave Bristow0:43:05
37Dave Gosling0:43:45
40Paul Morgan0:44:05
43Stan Farr0:44:24
48Bob Washbourne0:45:06
52Ted Rockliffe0:45:22
56M Harris0:45:50
65Judy Farr0:47:001st Lady
69Graham Maidment0:47:37
87Raymond Chisling0:50:07
88A Munday0:50:07
124Jane Sewell0:52:535th Lady

Sun 13th Oct: Box Fun Run

Road 3.25 Miles
999999Judy Farr0:21:433rd Lady
999999Stan Farr0:21:293rd Vet

Road 6.5 Miles
1Bob Roots
999999Graham Maidment
999999Miles Holland

Sun 13th Oct: Yate 10

Road 10 Miles
50Tim Northwood0:59:30
193Kenneth Farrell1:10:33
999999Dave Gosling1:04:15

Sun 6th Oct: Bradford on Avon 4.7

4.7 Miles
1Bob Roots0:23:13
3Mike Hehir0:25:45
6Dave Gosling0:26:21
7Neil Fyfe0:26:35
16Miles Holland
21Roger Merritt
30Tom Roberts0:30:52
33Graham Maidment0:32:50
999999Jane Sewell2nd Lady
999999Judy Farr00:29:??1st Lady
999999Stan Farr00:29:??
999999Danny Kay

Sun 29th Sep: Chippenham 10

Road 10 Miles
81Neil Fyfe1:03:04
87Ron Whittle1:03:33
109Stan Farr1:05:02
117Paul Morgan1:05:49
143Judy Farr1:07:272nd Lady, 1st Lady Vet
152Graham Maidment1:08:02
217Tom Roberts1:12:36
999999Miles Holland1:02:30
999999D Powell1:01:24
999999Bob Powell1:00:57
999999George Bright1:00:02
999999Roger Carey0:59:22
999999Alan Jonas0:58:00
999999Bob Roots0:53:421st Vet

Sat 21st Sep: Reading 10

Road 10 Miles
999999Kenneth Farrell1:12:00
999999M Harris1:07:00
999999Mike Hehir1:01:00
999999Tim Northwood0:58:18

Sun 15th Sep: Trowbridge Carnival 5.4

Road 5.4 Miles
2Bob Roots0:28:05
10Roger Carey
21Miles Holland0:32:07
37Graham Maidment0:35:07
39Stan Farr0:35:11
999999Angela Deegan3rd Lady
999999Judy Farr0:35:121st Lady
999999Tom Roberts0:38:05
999999Steve Walker

Sat 14th Sep: Sutton Benger 5

Road 5 Miles
7G Greenhow0:27:14
16Bob Powell0:29:161st Vet
31Miles Holland0:31:32
47Stan Farr0:33:38

Sun 8th Sep: Warminster 5.3

Road 5.3 Miles
3Bob Roots
999999Graham Maidment
999999Steve Houghton
999999Mike Hehir0:30:38

Sun 8th Sep: Salisbury 10

Road 10 Miles
60Tim Northwood0:58:47
154Miles Holland1:07:30
168Judy Farr1:08:274th Lady, 1st Lady Vet
170Stan Farr1:08:29
189Paul Morgan1:10:17
200Kenneth Farrell1:12:20
247Angela Deegan1:20:59

Sat 7th Sep: Neston 5

MT 5 Miles
1Bob Roots0:26:00
999999Judy Farr0:33:112nd Lady, 1st Lady Vet
999999Stan Farr0:33:39
999999Paul Morgan0:31:56

Tue 3rd Sep: Sunlife 5

Road 5 Miles
166Dave Gosling0:32:37
282M Lewis0:34:42
442Stan Farr0:37:05
999999Judy Farr0:37:025th Lady, 1st Lady Vet

Sun 1st Sep: Frome 5

Road 5 Miles
16Tim Northwood0:27:50
22Mike Hehir
62Miles Holland
64Paul Morgan0:30:45
89Judy Farr0:31:302nd Lady
123Stan Farr0:32:24
133Graham Maidment0:32:43
999999R Sherlock0:35:00