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Sat 4th Jan-Thu 1st Jan: The Old Showfield parkrun

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Event #21 MT 5 km
9Leah Sartain00:20:101st Lady and CPB
12Kenneth Pyper00:20:55
16Andrew Jefferies00:21:20
23Darren Messen00:21:34CPB
31Stephen Jeffries00:21:51CPB
48Bradley Arberry00:23:23
67Sarah Jeffries00:24:32CPB
90Harry Jerram00:26:11
95Ali Atkinson00:26:27
98Maria Walters00:26:46
110Fiona Gibbs00:27:17
118Sarah Barker00:27:47
283Jon Williams00:49:57

Event #22 MT 5 km
3Chris Roxburgh00:17:30
6Chris Suter00:19:13
8Robin-Mark Schols00:19:31CPB
80Harry Jerram00:26:03
100Fiona Gibbs00:27:16CPB
116Linda Unsworth00:28:43
218Elizabeth Williamson00:36:39
221David Hyde00:37:11

Event #23 MT 5 km
2Chris Roxburgh00:17:27
24Darren Messen00:21:36
183Jo Finch00:31:20
193Jerry Clark00:31:50
226Katy Nickless00:34:51CPB
254Toni Clark00:39:06
266Liz Richardson00:41:54

Event #24 MT 5 km
2Joe Markey00:18:49
4Chris Suter00:19:46
27Andy Wareham00:23:33
65Teresa Edwards00:27:02CPB
162Katy Nickless00:35:22
188Linda Unsworth00:45:35

Event #25 MT 5 km
3Chris Roxburgh00:17:16CPB
7Jay Hookins00:18:36CPB
82Ali Atkinson00:27:05
192Carrie Almeida00:34:47

Event #26 MT 5 km
9Gary Day00:19:30
80Teresa Edwards00:28:26
117Carrie Almeida00:35:23
129Toni Clark00:40:53
130Emma Day00:40:54CPB

Event #27 MT 5 km
14Diane Hier00:21:371st Lady and CPB
21Ian Parker00:22:09
24Guy Farrell00:22:28
28Paula Farrell00:22:52CPB
52Jennifer Marlow00:25:07
101Elizabeth Morris00:29:03CPB
112Ian White00:29:58
144David Hyde00:33:01
157Katy Nickless00:34:57
158Barbara White00:35:35

Event #28 MT 5 km
5Ed Knudsen00:17:56
8Peter Veleski00:18:37
9Chris Suter00:18:43
10Gary Macalister00:18:46
12Jay Hookins00:19:24
13Dominic Beddis00:19:25
16Gemma Lawton00:20:052nd Lady and CPB
24Holly Newman00:20:423rd Lady and CPB
70Andy Wareham00:24:52
77Richard Newman00:25:23
88Helen Donnelly00:26:23
97Catrin Pullinger00:27:11
102Sarah Barker00:27:36CPB
106Fiona Newman00:27:48CPB
121Hayley Southgate00:29:25CPB
124Linda Unsworth00:29:34
125Teresa Edwards00:29:35
179Katy Nickless00:34:06CPB
196Jo Finch00:36:34
206Sara Robert00:37:54
207Carrie Almeida00:37:59
214Nettie Holley00:43:48
219Esther Frawley00:47:14
220Sally Frawley00:47:20
221Jenna Lovelock00:49:43

Event #29 MT 5 km
3Chris Suter00:18:45
9Holly Rush00:19:271st Lady
17Diane Hier00:21:062nd Lady and CPB
19Darren Messen00:21:29CPB
105Kathryn French00:27:52
124David Hyde00:29:19CPB
139Anna Bradshaw00:30:20
140Jo Finch00:30:24
144Tom Gale00:30:45CPB
190Leah Sartain00:36:12
221Anthony Hickson00:42:52

Event #30 MT 5 km
3Dominic Beddis00:18:04CPB
5Chris Suter00:18:49
71Rosemary Barber00:27:07
87Teresa Edwards00:28:39