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Sat 15th Jun: Endure 24

Solo MT 105 m
0Kenneth Pyper22:59:55Solo - 21 laps

Team: Totally Addicted to Pace MT 5 m
2Gary MacAlister34:20
3Carly Hodgson42:23
5Philippa Brewer39:21
7Gary MacAlister35:38
8Carly Hodgson41:19
10Philippa Brewer38:20
12Gary MacAlister35:13
13Carly Hodgson40:18
15Philippa Brewer39:02
17Gary MacAlister47:35
18Carly Hodgson48:00
19Carly Hodgson48:44
22Philippa Brewer41:06
23Philippa Brewer41:14
25Gary MacAlister35:48
26Carly Hodgson43:09
28Philippa Brewer40:44
30Gary MacAlister39:11
31Carly Hodgson47:18
33Philippa Brewer42:44
34Gary MacAlister43:30

Team: Nowhere To Hide MT 5 m
1David Hyde56:00
2Danielle Baxter52:12
3Ian Tunks1:04:29
4Mandy Moore59:51
5Liz Bundy59:16
6Justine MacAlister1:00:03
7David Hyde55:02
8Danielle Baxter53:12
9Ian Tunks1:06:28
10Mandy Moore1:12:50
11Liz Bundy1:00:57
12Justine MacAlister1:02:10
13David Hyde1:05:03
14Danielle Baxter59:37
15Ian Tunks1:18:13 1:18:13
16Mandy Moore1:14:55
17Liz Bundy1:02:25
18Justine MacAlister1:04:40
19David Hyde1:06:25
20David Hyde2:38:33