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Report: Melksham Hash

Apr 15, 2009

Posted by: Wrinty

To celebrate one year since the launch of the Wednesday evening sessions in Melksham, Avon Valley Runners held a Hash Run.

Starting from Christie Miller Sports Centre members Carl Davies and Richard Newman acted as hares and laid a trail of flour out of Bowerhill, into Semington, out towards Seend before doubling back into Bowerhill again where the 5-mile trail finished at the "Pilot" public house. Men's Vice Captain Andrew Hoddinott had the job of organising the pack to track down the hares, trying not to get too disorientated by the false leads set by the wily hares. Disaster struck the hares when they ran out of flour, forcing Richard Newman to hotfoot it to his house on Bowerhill and resume the trail with a bag of porridge oats! Just in time too, as the pack reached the "Pilot" less than ten minutes later.