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Report: Mendip Mashup

Jun 20, 2009

Posted by: Wrinty

"On your marks", "Get set", "Scatter" seemed to be the starters orders for the Mendip Mashup. As runners headed off in all directions to explore twenty one miles of trails around the Somerset village of Charterhouse Mendip, in search of scoring flags hidden in such areas as Rowberren Warren and Addlestones Orchard. Using a trail map for guidance around 250 runners took on this unique blend of trail running, orienteering and hashing.

First off for Avon Valley Runners was Andrew Hoddinott taking on the three hour challenge and finding 30 of the 50 flags scoring a total of 640 points. Next out for the two hour challenge were Julia Drewitt, Sue Cook, Debbie Roberts and Christina Davidson, with Sue and Chris tying for first place in the Ladies run category with 290 points. Last out was Darren Wrintmore who scored 250 points to win the Men's one hour run category. The most eagerly awaited result of the day however was the winner of the Men's three hour run category, as his weight in beer was to be shared by the field during the evenings post-run celebrations!