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Report: Treasure Run

Aug 6, 2009

Posted by: Wrinty

Nearly thirty Avon Valley Runners took on the frustrating challenge of the Bradford on Avon Treasure Run. Over the five mile course there were twenty cryptic clues to be de-ciphered including: "How many rats on the roof?", "An alarming former London Marathon sponsor and did too", the obligatory anagram "Racial Pleaduff" and the contentious "When is shoeing time?".

First back in from the rain were the pairing of Mike Pace and Sue MacGregor in one hour six minutes and getting half of the questions correct giving a net score of 66-minutes. A minute later Michael Towler, Carl Davies and Simon Ringham proved that three heads were better than two getting eleven correct answers and with a net score of 65-minutes claimed the second place treasure. Finishing in one hour and fourteen minutes Tom Simpson and Kevin Gover managed to collect sixteen correct answers and with a net score of 62-minutes claimed the winners treasure a.k.a. a couple boxes of Ferrero Rocher!