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Relay Rules


1. Competitors take primary responsibility for their safety and participate in the event at their own risk. The organisers cannot accept any responsibility for personal accident or damage to athletic equipment and other personal effects or any public liability.

2. The decision of the Race Organiser will be final in all matters.

3. The race is run according to ARC rules (Association of Running Clubs).


4. Teams are to consist of a maximum four runners and to be eligible for prizes a minimum of four runners in accordance with the category to which the team is entered.

5. Mixed Teams will have a composition of two men and two ladies; Ladies teams will consist of four ladies; Open teams will consist of at least one man and three ladies, three men and one lady or four men.

6. Each team will have no more than four runners, and only one runner per stage.

7. Each team shall be allocated a single relay baton.


7. All runners will be aged 13 years or older on race day excepting any runner of leg 2 who shall be aged 15 years or older.

9. Each runner may run over one stage only, for one team only. Exception shall be made in accordance with Rule 14.

10. A runner cannot start a leg without possession of their team's allocated baton.

11. At the end of each leg (including the finish) the runner must present their team's allocated baton to the Race Official at the marked point where the team position and time will be logged.

12. Runners are responsible for their own hydration during their run.


13. Each stage will have a cut off time marked by the arrival of the Sweeping┬Ł runner at the stage point or finish.

14. If a team does not have a runner for a stage then the team may elect for a runner to complete contiguous legs however they shall forfeit any prizes to which they were eligible.

15. If a runner starts but does not finish a stage then the team may elect for a runner to commence a subsequent leg on the arrival of the course sweeper, however they shall forfeit any prizes to which they were eligible.


16. The route will be self-navigated and a course map is available from the Avon Valley Relay page at

17. It is the responsibility of each runner to follow the Race Route, as there are no marshals or additional markers. Organisers take no responsibility for ensuring that the relay route is marked.

18. Any deviation from the published route that results in an advantage for the team shall result in the disqualification of that team from the relay.

19. Runners must pay attention to trespass and invasion of privacy that result from route deviation. Runners are reminded that any prosecution resulting from trespass or other related offence is the sole liability of the runner.

20. Runners cross roads at their own risk, and are alone responsible for themselves. Road crossings will be un-marshalled. Runners will not assume that a marshal will in any way make it safe for their protected passage.


21. Runners Names are to be declared to the Race Organiser at the Start of the Relay when the Relay baton is assigned.

22. Runners are to present the baton to the Race Official at each stage handover point and at the finish, so that race order and participation can be recorded.

23. The team captain must ensure that each runner is equipped with their own contact details, for use in resolving loss of route or in end of stage logistics.

24. It is the responsibility of each team to ensure that any of their runners who fail to complete a leg by the cut off time is safe. Race officials will leave the stage handover points shortly after the arrival of the sweeping team. It is the responsibility of the competitor to inform their team captain of retirement, and to inform marshals / organiser.

25. Teams are responsible for own logistics for delivering/retrieving runners and/or kit from the start/finish/stage handover points.

26. Teams are responsible for providing own first aid. The sweeping team and marshals at the stage handover points and finish will be equipped with mobile phones to call for medical support if required.


27. No road closures have been sanctioned for the running of this relay. Runners must run on pavements where available, otherwise the left hand side of the road.

28. Please be mindful of other users of the canal towpath and give way where safe to do so.

29. Runners on the canal towpath should verbally indicate their desire to overtake another competitor and should do so on the canal side of the path. The caught runner should move away from the canal side as best possible at that given point.

30. Unfortunately canals mean fishermen and fishing rods - don't get me started on this one!