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Off Road Race Series 2019

Rules for the Off Road Series

There will be 6 races from which to choose, the best 5 (five) races will count for the championship.

The first AVR runner will get 1 point, the 2nd will get 2 points and so on until all runners are accounted for. Non runners will get five points more than the number of points of the last runner of the highest attended race. The winner will be the runner with the least points.

Only the best 5 races for each runner will count, so you don't have to run every race, however if there is a tie for the winners then the 6th race will be taken into consideration until a winner is established.

Awards will be made to the top three highest scoring men and women.

Qualifying events:

  1. 5x5 (April) - Steeple Ashton - Thursday, 4th April
  2. The Lungbuster - Broad Hinton - Sunday, 7th April
  3. Brinkworth Bash 10K multi-terrain - Sunday, 29th September
  4. Marshfield Mudlark - Sunday, 6th October
  5. Roundway Revenge - Devizes - Saturday, 16th November
  6. Plain Crazy - Sunday, 29th December

Events for 2020

  1. Tri Counties - Will be held in Somerset - date not known
  2. SMaRTT Smasher - Calne - Sunday, 9th February 2020
  3. Bowood 10k - Sunday, 29th March

For the WAA fixtures see Wiltshire Athletic Association WORL