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Off Road Race Series

Rules for the Off Road Series

There will be 12 races from which to choose, but 8 (eight) races will count for the championship.

Each race will award 20 points each to the first AVR Male and Female finishers, 19 points to 2nd, 18 points for the 3rd etc. The 20th Male and Female finishers would get 1 point each as would any other AVR finisher if more than 20 members of the same sex are competing.

Only the best 8 races for each runner will count, so you don't have to run every race, however if there is a tie for the winners then the 9th and 10th etc. races will be taken into consideration until a winner is established.

Awards will be made to the top three highest scoring men and women.

Qualifying events:

  1. Corsham Court Challenge - Corsham - Sunday, 18th January
  2. SMaRTT Smasher - Calne - Sunday, 22nd February
  3. Wiltshire Scramble - Spirthill - Sunday, 22nd March
  4. Sutton Veny - Sutton Veny - Monday, 4th May
  5. Bath Skyline Parkrun 5K - Bath - Saturday, 16th May
  6. Dundry Thunderer - Dundry - Thursday, 2nd July
  7. Bishops Cannings 5000m Dash - Bishops Cannings - Saturday, 11th July
  8. Lacock Abbey 10K - Lacock - Saturday, 8th August
  9. Roundway Rampage - Devizes - Saturday, 26th September
  10. White Horse Gallop - Westbury - Sunday, 18th October
  11. Wickstead Wander - Highworth - Sunday, 22nd November
  12. Tri-county XC championships - Bath University - Sunday, 13th December

For the WAA fixtures see Wiltshire Athletic Association WORL


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