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Contacts 2020

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The Who's Who in Avon Valley:


Honorary Secretary

Main contact

I think I've now been with AVR a couple of years although I was a member before for a year but then had a year out. What I love most about AVR is the encouragement and support you get when racing. I feel proud to wear my AVR top and be recognised as an AVR runner

I became the AVR Honorary Secretary in January 2020 and am on several working groups.

email: Secretary






I joined AVR in March 2010 following some persuasion by Jackie Rockliffe. I love seeing people who join with limited running ability flourish and become extremely accomplished athletes.

I joined the AVR committee in 2012 as the road race secretary and was honoured to become the Club Chairman in 2015. I was AVR Half Marathon course director form 2015-2019.

email: Chairman



I have been on the AVR committee as Treasurer since 2016, I had been on the committee previously in the 90’s.

I first joined AVR in Feb 1991 after I moved to the area and getting over a long term injury (leaving my former club Andover AC).

I was a member up until 2005 – when I left only because AVR did not do juniors so I was taking my son up to Team Bath twice a week and to competitions at weekends, so ran with them for a few years.

Once Sam gave up on the athletics, I left Team Bath and was unattached for a couple of years as I drifted out of running a bit.

I then re-joined AVR in late 2011 or early 2012 (not sure of exact date) with rekindled enthusiasm for running. I have been a member ever since.

I love the friendly welcoming atmosphere and the support from other members. I have made many new friends over the years through the club.

email: Treasurer



Assistant Treasurer

I have now moved across from Assistant Secretary to Assistant Treasurer for 2020 - some may know that I am also an accountant by trade, so this is the logical spot for me on the committee. I also have experience from other leadership roles, for example as a former trustee of Hope Nature Centre (got involved via parkrun.) I look to bring this and my perspective as a slow runner to the committee. 

I've been running since 2003, and have done most local races as well as popular national ones like London Marathon and the Great North. These days I mostly parkrun and particularly enjoy tourism such as the recent AVR trip to Cardiff.

Personally I run for the social side and to promote my mental wellbeing, but I also enjoy cheering on club mates across our ages and abilities. 



Road Race Secretary

I have been a member of AVR for approximately five years and I love anything running, so being part of a friendly and successful club is fantastic. 

As Road Race Secretary, the main purpose of my role is to promote the Wiltshire Road Race League. I enjoy seeing members enter the Wiltshire Road Race League, which to me is amazing, as this provides members the opportunity to enjoy competing against local clubs in the area, all contributing to securing points in the league in both our A team and B teams, there is always something for everyone.

Seeing people enjoying their running, smiling, (most of the time), wearing club colours, supporting their club, achieving their personal goals, PB's etc and seeing plenty of AVR members at these league events is extremely rewarding.

In 2019 my other main focuses were organising teams for the Bath two tunnels relay race and the Bristol Half Marathon which were really well supported by members. 

Seeing members running at AVR's own races is a great thing, as well as those and all who are involved in organising AVR events, volunteers etc, all of whom help to support the club and make it great.

I always love turning up at club training sessions, where our coaches and run leaders all do such an excellent job, learning techniques, and catching up with club mates, sharing stories about races, running experiences, hills and learning about training hints and tips etc, is something that I continue to love. 

Here's to hopefully another great year for AVR in 2020. 

Happy running!

email: Road Race Secretary



Off Road Race Secretary

Together with Jo Farion, my committee role is to encourage members who want to, to take part in off road events, especially Championship races. We select some of the events to include in the AVR Championship, seeking the races which others would like included.

My role also includes keeping the AVR Off Road Championship tables up to date.

Another side to my activities involves helping the slower runners by leading (from the back or from the front), training runs twice a week.

I am the Race Director of the 5x5 trail race which is a series of 4 or 5 events during the year. I also try to keep part of the website up to date, but need help from others, especially to provide information.

I am, together with anyone else who wishes to attend, the AVR representative on the Wiltshire Athletic Association.

Finally I love volunteering at events as well as taking part.

For the record, my slowest marathon is 3 hours, 15 minutes.

email: Off Road Secretary




Assistant Off Road Race Secretary

I first started running with my dog to stop her from chewing the house! When she got too old I thought I would join a club AVR, where not only did I gain confidence in my running I meet some wonderful people who without running would never have met. I soon learnt that without volunteers, clubs like ours can’t go on forever so I got more involved with volunteering, then I joined the 5x5 working group.

I joined the club committee in 2019 as minutes secretary and moved over to support Anthony as the assistant off road race secretary in January 2020.



JAVR Secretary

I have been a member of AVR since May 2010 and I made the transition from being a JAVR member to an AVR member. Originally, I joined because my Dad was a member and I wanted to beat him! Shorter the distance the better for me! 800m, 400m, 5km and aquathlons are what I really like.

As well as running for the club I coach the juniors twice a week and the adults once a month and organise the AVR Relay and the annual Track Championships. I love that no matter what ability you are or what running experience you have AVR has something for everyone and is a very inclusive club.

I love that I have made life long friends within the club. Being a member of AVR means more to me than just running.



Kat Taylor Laird

AVT Secretary

I have been a member of AVR/AVT for a few years now, but became a more active member in the last 2 years.

My running journey started by going along to a Parkrun with a friend many years ago, and I have not looked back since. I enjoy challenging myself, and love the social nature of the running community. So far I have completed races up to half marathon distance, but this year I’m taking on my first ultra distance, and working my way into the world of multisport.

I became involved with the Goal getters working group this year, and I’m enjoying the role of mentor (despite the difficulties this year with Covid-19).

I am now looking forward to the role of AVT Secretary, taking over from Lil Morris, and hope that I can do it justice. I’m keen to encourage participation in multisport events, and motivate others the way that I have been motivated by AVR/AVT to explore new challenges and experiences.




Membership Secretary

In December 2019 I started in the role as the AVR Membership secretary, I had been on the committee previously. I have taken on the RD role for AVR Half 2020.

I have been a member of AVR for 6 and a bit years. I love the friendships you make and when you turn up, however you are feeling, there is always someone to run with.

email: Membership Secretary




Volunteer Coordinator

I joined AVR I believe in February 2107. In January 2018 I became the Volunteer Coordinator for all AVR races. This led me to join the main AVR committee in January 2019 due to the roles I already assist with in the club. The coordinator role needed a constant feed of information on races, accurate information and discussion.

In April 2019 I launched the AVR Volunteer reward scheme to assist promotion of volunteering and the positive aspects of it. I am also on the social working group assisting with the planning and running of social events within the club. In January 2019 undertook my LiRF to enable me to take regular club runs and in April 2109 I ran a 12-week 5K improvers course.

AVR is a big family to me whether at events or training and I get great pleasure in helping and supporting others. The club gives me such a positive outlook and it’s a pleasure to be there help others and give back some of what other people have given to me.

email: Volunteers




AVR Newsletter Editor

email: Newsletter






Safeguarding Lead

I joined AVR as a complete non-runner and a beginner in 2015 and I was persuaded by Denise Ellis to join the committee in 2016, I am still unsure of how exactly how I became the AVT secretary but I ended up doing it for three years. I stepped in as Honorary Secretary for 2019, then in January 2020 I changed role to become the new safeguarding lead.

I am very proud to be the Race Director for Over the Hills taking this role for 2019. I’m a LiRF and CiRF and I currently look after the club night runs, the initiatives and I support at various coached sessions throughout the week. In 2020 I will also be helping out more with the volunteering working group.

Being a beginner myself I really enjoyed the challenge of leading the 2019 AVR beginners along with Sean Price and seeing these runners integrating into the club.

When it comes to running, I really love the variety within AVR and of course the people. I am however still working hard on my patience whilst waiting to return to running properly due to a back problem.




Committee Member

I joined AVR in Sept 2016 at the age of 60 when I signed up to the Beginners Course having decided to challenge myself to try running. After completing beginners, I followed on with the 5 - 10k Improvers Course and am grateful to all the run leaders for supporting me successfully through these courses. I joined the AVR committee in January 2018.

Within AVR I've found friendship, support, encouragement and enjoyment of a new fitness activity. I think what I love most about AVR is the fact that it caters for runners of all ages & abilities making everyone feel part of the club. I am now a qualified LIRF so to anyone who thinks they've left it too late to start, I can show you that age is certainly no barrier to learning to run. 






Minutes Secretary

I started running with AVR in November 2018 doing C25K. I’ve enjoyed the continued support from everyone at the club and how helpful everyone is.

I took on the role of minutes secretary for the club in January 2020.










Richard NEWMAN












Martin DAVIS











Club President

I became a member of AVR as an absolute beginner in 1987, 1 yr after the formation of the club. But as my husband Bob Ellis was a founder member I have been involved from the start. It took me a long time to get to running any distance and I always ran on road. The club was very small with no coaches but a wealth of experience to draw on from other club members. I quickly became involved in committee issues, 1st supporting Bob and then becoming a committee member myself. I have been Chairman twice but our club had far fewer members then and the issues covered in meetings were nowhere near as technical and challenging as our esteemed chairman and secretary have to cope with now. In all, with 2 maternity breaks I think I have served as a committee member for over 25yrs. Time for new blood.

I decided to run my 1st marathon in 1996, it was that or give up running as I was bored, and I have gone on to run a further 10 after realising distance events were my forte ( I have a marathon pb of 3.36) Later, struggling to motivate myself on tarmac, I discovered off road running about 15 yrs ago and was hooked. I now enter off road events to complete not compete. I don't attend club nights as often these days, but rest assured, if you slice me down the middle, AVR is there all the way through like a stick of rock.




Vice President

Ted originally started running just to keep fit for playing squash however he has had a great running career.

One of AVR’s great supporters with a wicked sense of humour and also one of the founder members of the club, sadly Ted had to give up running himself after having knee surgery in 2009.

Ted was the AVR Club Chairman from 1992-1995 and again in 2006-2008. He was Club President from 2012-2019 and became Vice President in January 2020.






Vice President

I have always enjoyed running, I've never been a good runner but I've never been a bad runner. The one thing that is constant, I've always enjoyed running. That’s what running is all about, it means different things to different people.

I am proud to be a founder member of a great club, but it is the people that make the club what it is, from the serious runners chasing times to the runners who use it as a means to keep fit and de-stress.

The club is made and run by the Committee and the people who get involved in the activities organisation - this is something we should always be thankful for.

I have been a lifelong vegetarian and believe in the sanctity of all life.

My activities as you would guess are, running, swimming, cycling and walking. Other interests include travelling, Buddhism, and trying to get a recognisable tune out of my Yukulele.






Vice President

I joined AVR in 2006 after taking part in many AVR organised events - Over the Hills, Trowbridge 10K etc. I became a committee member the following year and then stood as Chairman for 5 years before handing this over to the current chairman, Warren Wade.

I trained and raced regularly with AVR taking part in many local races and also triathlon. For me running has been about personal goals and fitness rather than competition. I’ve always combined it with circuit training and gym work to aid other interests such as climbing. I had shoulder injury in 2009 which took nearly 2 years to recover from, during this time I started coaching AVR with Alan Hayes. We had a great bunch of athletes and ran sessions in Trowbridge Park on Tuesday nights or Southwick Country Park on Saturdays. I will always be thankful to Alan for his time, encouragement, humour and sarcasm, helping me to become a Level 2 coach.

These days I just about keep fit with a variety of fitness classes and gym work. I have been learning to fly a microlight and hope to qualify as a pilot early in 2020.

AVR is a great club that I am very proud to be involved with. When I stepped down as Chairman I was given an Honorary life membership, this was not only a great surprise but also a great honour, I treasure the tankard to this day. Although I don’t get to club I am still involved in the back office helping with the website and IT.

email: Webmaster