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Communications Policy

  1. Introduction
    • This policy explains how the committee manage communications on behalf of the club. Its purpose is to make sure choice of communication channel is appropriate; GDPR compliant and efficient. The policy will be notified to members once approved and reviewed on a tri-annual basis.
  2. Types of communication
    • Communication can be split into internal and external. Internal means by the committee or their nominated individuals to club members. External means by the committee or their nominated individuals to non-members. Non-members includes prospective members; other clubs; other stakeholders and the wider public at large.
    • Communication between club members is discussed in a separate section below.
  3. Communication channels
    • The committee have a number of channels available including the club website; newsletters and direct mails; social media and announcements at club training and events. The committee may also communicate via media such as newspapers or use adverts. The choice of channel(s) must take into account efficiency, cost effectiveness and the needs of the target audience. Channel choice should be consistent to enable stakeholders to know how and where to find information.
    • The club chairman has overall responsibility for managing communications, specifically for ensuring their appropriacy. It should not be forgotten that the club has junior members, nor should the need for GDPR compliance be overlooked. The chairman may delegate aspects of communication to committee members and or volunteers such as coaches; event organisers and working parties.
  4. Communication between club members
    • The committee may monitor all communication between members on the club’s social media platforms. They have discretion to request a post be deleted; to delete a post and or to prevent comments on a post. This discretion may be exercised in circumstances including, but not limited to, where a member’s post or similar may cause alarm; offence or distress and or damage the reputation of Avon Valley Runners. The committee have discretion to terminate or deny club membership of individuals where they believe circumstances merit. The club will not tolerate bullying, racism or discriminatory behaviour by its members on club media.