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Valley News 2005

#79 - October 2005

"Are you ready for the country?"

"Three Score and Ten"

"Captains Corner"

"A Swift Ten"

"Member Profile – "Doug Barber"

"Member Profile – "Denise Ellis"

#78 - July 2005

"I fought the wall and and the wall won"

"Be it ever so humble ..."

"Virtual Running"

"Captains Corner"

"Member Profile – "Stuart MacGregor"

"Member Profile – "Sonya Stephens"

#77 - April 2005

"Friends you can rely on..."

"A Troubled Man"

"Tony's Odes"

"Captains Corner"

"Member Profile – "Stan Farr"

"Definitely not a sex toy"

"Member Profile – "Tina Vivian"

#76 - January 2005

"Malta Ego"

"2004 Championships Results"

"Olympics with a Difference"

"The Dread Poets Society"

"A Helping Hand"

"Captains Corner"

"Member Profile – "Julia Scott"

"Women's Talk"

"Member Profile – "Alistair Bartlett"