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May 22, 2020

Posted by: AnthonyH

Training runs

It would be really interesting to hear of the different runs and places where you have been training.
Write and let me know what you have been doing or put a description on facebook or send me details that I can put them on the website – the website needs something interesting during this period. I am sure that Sarah would like to hear your news as well for the Valley News.

Here is what I have been doing … You've all read of my forty laps around the garden, counting them by moving pebbles, but I soon (after about a month) got tired of that and ventured out into the wild … of Melksham – down Sandridge Road, along Eastern Way where a few people have been doing their timed speed sections (one roundabout to the next). At Spa Road run into Town, past the Town Hall towards the bridge, along the gravel river path, past the River Mead School and back home. For a bit of variety I reversed the route, but made a mistake! - at the Town Hall I continued down King Street and Semington Road onto the A350. Footpaths are not there! But there are a few back paths … to cut a long story short, I arrived back at the junction of Spa Road and Snowberry Lane and was back on by way home.
It's not fun running through the town, so a few times I ran from home along the Eastern Way to the junction with Spa Road and back again, sometimes using the quieter Snarlton Lane. Finally, longing for the start of the ParkRuns I decided to run six times around King George V Park.


Not this year.

Virtual events.

You probably appreciate that we can't do virtual races over off road routes because it is the structure of offroad that makes every route different and so not comparable, however we will be putting up on the website some virtual races – so keep watching.