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Apr 22, 2020

Posted by: AnthonyH

Avon Valley Runners Off Road Newsletter

Virtual races may work well for “road” races, but they don't work for off road.

Imagine trying to simulate a few hills, a river crossing, lots of mud. A sandy beach might be a good idea!

The next 5x5 is obviously not going to be held.

Let me know if you are happy to donate your entry fee to the club (or otherwise)

Your committee meets once a month as usual, but on “Zoom”, so we are open to things you would like to discuss. Just let us know.

Keep up your training – at least three times a week, but keep your distance from others or do like me – I run around my garden – 40 laps each time. I shall need to reseed the lawn soon!

Best wishes to all, Anthony

Your Off Road secretary