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Feb 22, 2019

Posted by: AnthonyH

The Lungbuster has come back to life and will now be held on Sunday, 7th April.
The event is full so you cannot enter now, but if you wish you can exchange places with someone who is no longer able to take part, but please let the organisers know in advance. If you entered the Lungbuster and have also entered another event, then you will have to make a choice as to which you wish to run, but bear in mind that the Lungbuster is a County Championship event and to retain our top position we need to do well.


Entries have now opened for this series of Trail races. You can enter, 1, 2, 3 or all 4 events with one entry on Entry Central.
To encourage online entries which make it much easier to administer the events, we now charge extra for on the day entries.

The first event on 4th April is an AVR Off Road Championship event and Chippenham Harriers have also made it one of their Championship events, so don't leave it to the last minute to enter. The maximum number of places is limited to 100 (due to parking problems).
The course has been slightly altered so that the last part of the race takes you back to the Longs Arms and means that you can get a drink and get warm whilst the slower participants are still finishing.
Prizes will be offered to the first man and to the first lady. There will also be one other prize offered to someone at random, provided they are still there at the presentation. These races are considered low key and are run for pleasure. They are suitable for all abilities. Come to enjoy yourself and have a drink (or a meal, if you book in advance) at the local pub.

“Buddy Run”.

On the first Thursday of March (7th March) we are holding a buddy run exclusively for Avon Valley Runners from the Longs Arms at Steeple Ashton. We will start running at 7pm, the same hour as all our other training runs commence,
The route will be the same as the 5x5, and, of course, is free. You must wear a head torch and I would advise trail or off road shoes. It will be dark and probably muddy!
This will be a social run, suitable even for me! One person told me that she might even walk, but that won't stop those of you who want to go on ahead!
Drinks afterwards at the pub – they are expecting us!