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Jul 22, 2018

Posted by: AnthonyH

July Newsletter

The dates for the Off Road Championships have been announced:

Sunday, 30th September, The Brinkworth Bash 10k near Chippenham

Sunday, 21st October, The White Horse Gallop near Westbury

Sunday, 9th December, the Tri Counties XC Championships at Bath University

Friday, 30th December, Plain Crazy near Warminster


The Devizes 10k, which is Road Championship event will also be held on the 30th September – so you may have to choose your terrain that day, Road or Countryside!

Last year the Brinkworth Bash was incredibly muddy, but if the weather continues as at present it is likely to be a very fast course on dry ground. If you enter before September it will cost £11 (EA affiliated) but this rises to £14 on the day (or £16 non-affiliated)


So please may I suggest that you enter in August while you will get a £1.50 discount on the normal price. If we concentrate as much of our efforts on this race, rather than the Road Championship whilst other Championship contenders are dividing their efforts between the two events this will give us a head start.


However if you are still going for individual honours, please choose the event best suited to you.


The White Horse Gallop is a trail through a great wooded area, if my memory serves me right, until it comes to a very steep incline where most people used their hands as well to climb. After that it passes along the Imber Range, from where you have wonderful views, to the Westbury White Horse before returning to the Leighton Recreation Centre.


The Tri Counties, you probably all remember well, was run around a field covered, as was the sky, in snow. Great for kids, young and old!


The last 5x5x5, of the season, will be held on Thursday, 2nd August. All (except one!) of the nettles were cut down before the last race.


For those wishing to take part in the Gwent League, the next event, first of the season, will be on Saturday 13th October at Llandaff Fields in Cardiff.


Well done to those who took part in the Avon Valley Relay – if you had any comments please let me know – we want to make it even better next year.


Finally, my list of Recommended Events (Road and Off Road) for the next 5 weeks can always be found on the main AVR webpage on the left hand side under “Notices”.

Anthony Hickson
Off Road Secretary